H2O.ai – Ep. 14 (Deep Learning SIMPLIFIED)

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H2O.ai is a software platform that offers a host of machine learning algorithms, as well as one deep net model. It also provides sophisticated data munging, an intuitive UI, and several built-in enhancements for handling data. However, the tools must be run on your own hardware.

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H2O.ai was founded by SriSatish Ambati, Cliff Click, and Arno Candel. In addition to its only deep net – a vanilla MLP – the platform offers a variety of models like GLM, Distributed Random Forest, Naive Bayes, a K-Means clustering model, and a few others. H2O.ai can be linked to multiple data sources in order to train data loads.

The UI is highly intuitive, but you can also work with the tools through other apps like Tableau or Excel. These interfaces allow you to set up a deep net by configuring its hyper-parameters.

H2O.ai needs to be deployed and maintained on your own hardware, which may be a limiting factor. However, the platform comes with many performance enhancements like in-memory map-reduce, columnar compression, and distributed parallel processing. Depending on your hardware’s capabilities, training on big data sets could be completed in a reasonable amount of time. As an added note, it’s unclear whether or not GPU support is a built-in feature at this point in time.

Do you have any experience with the H2O.ai platform? Please comment and share your thoughts.

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Jim Mears says:


Himanshu Tanwani says:

If I want to deploy this on my local on-premise, where can I find the configuration files? Also, are there any ready use cases available? Thanks!

tangobayus says:

Neural Designer has a real GUI. Much better than H20 Flow.

Philip says:

Is H2O.ai free? snd if how do they make money? Great videos!

Kevin M says:

Why did you skip Ersatz labs?

DeepLearning.TV says:

H2O.ai is a software platform that offers a deep MLP. Enjoy 🙂

DeepLearning.TV says:

The next clip comes out tomorrow; its on Dato GraphLab Create.

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