Fei-Fei Li & Yuval Noah Harari in Conversation – The Coming AI Upheaval

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Watch Yuval Noah Harari speak with Fei-Fei Li, renowned computer scientist and Co-Director of Stanford University’s Human-Centered AI Institute — in a conversation moderated by Nicholas Thompson, WIRED’s Editor-in-Chief. The discussion explores big themes and ideas, including ethics in technology, hacking humans, free will, and how to avoid potential dystopian scenarios.

Publication is available under Creative Commons, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 – https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/legalcode.

The event was hosted at Stanford in April 2019, and was jointly sponsored by the university’s Humanities Center, McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, and the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).


Anuja Churi says:

24:38 Tacit knowledge is unhackable.

Andrew Phoenix says:

Let's face it, we are already living at the mercy of the algorithm.

The financial markets are controlled by algorithms, which control corporations, which control governments, which control the people.

Capitalism's sick joke!!

Iliana Fernández says:

Why are those two people from Standford being so silly and naive? They kept showing such inappropriate behavior 😒

lekobo says:

WOW! the perspective Yuval is revealing about our reality is mind blowing!!!

gomcoclamp says:

wow excuse me but there is not one serious thought coming from that fei fei character

Isidore Aerys says:

Sorry for the racism but clearly Fei-Fei Li is a double agent for the People’s Republic of the Middle Kingdom sent to placate the masses with glib reassuring sweet nothings which will ultimately lead us fealty under Xi Xinping’s dystopia #2 regime.
Her ignorance of not just history but Reality is revealed when she says that the majority of humanity will use technology to serve the common good. The majority have no say. The common American has no political power. The world has been hijacked by the corporate Elite. There will always be greedy plutocrats waiting to corrupt technology to their profitable ends in whatever way possible no matter the cost to society. And it’s easier to believe that someone is TRYING to mislead than remain THAT naïve at this point.

makana nakihei says:

God damn 😶 FE

Adrian Stott says:

Yuval – next book; please on happiness/joy/nirvana

Adrian Stott says:

Fe–Fei Li is off in folk religion, fairey land, on her 'love' views

SuryaPrakash Bheri says:

Fei-Fei Li is a disappointment .. she is a shame to all engineers.. please keep her away from Stanford

Viswa Ghosh says:

Also, some AI-developers should focus on identifying how society will evolve given that the society consists of 9 billion homo sapiens sapiens some of who are selfless individuals, most are selfish individuals, many are enlightened selfless individuals, etc. We can then see what kind of appropriate mix will get us from a malignant civilization to becoming a benign civilization that Gene Roddenberry, Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Sagan and many others considered capable of emerging into galactic travel.

Then address the question, what processes should be put in place so that we get more of the desired type of homo sapiens sapiens for a future benign civilization to emerge?

Gustav Heaven says:

Fei-Fei is smart, she not get points of Yuval, her brain and mind is chinese.

Chi-Jui Wu says:

I wrote a blog summarizing this talk, it's at https://medium.com/@chijuiwu/fei-fei-li-yuval-noah-harari-in-conversation-the-coming-ai-upheaval-329963e6c590.

It would mean the world to me if you read it and share your thoughts on it.


– cjw

Wimbeldon Tennismatch says:

53:30 if this would be the case, then why remove it? Why not try to understand why this is the case, and try to solve the underlying issues?

Ginno O says:

Re fighting digital dictatorship, content like this is one countervailing force against the manipulation of societal and individual perceptions.

Dan Ciura says:

Watch Yuval’s face when Fei-Fei calls him a humanist at the very end.

Justin Lee Miller says:

Summary: Fei-Fei Li: AI development is a slow, open process with lots of potential benefits for humanity. Harari: AI will change everything forever. We must prepare.

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