DARPA - Atlas Proto Robot Masters Stairs [720p] -

DARPA – Atlas Proto Robot Masters Stairs [720p]

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KASberlin says:

Als die Maschinen laufen lernten.

gavr gavricus says:

когда ни будь эта хуйня взбесится и будет терминатором убивая всех на своём пути ))

Aidan Findley says:

Well we got atlas, not how about P-Body? We've got aperture science that needs done.

im george says:

As long as the government let us live for free =)

flynnt77 says:

This reminds me of the AT-AT from star wars.

Key Chua says:

It is a robotic snake ? Next in line ?

mixjon76 says:

@0:43 "you now have 10 seconds to comply!"

sizlax says:

1:20 Jealous human is jealous >,>

Gregory Wolff says:

If you look carefully you can see Snake hiding under one of those cardboard boxes.

John Smith says:

Terminator First Steps, We Fucked !

zastalina5092 says:

ну, ну )) скоро вам такой кризис ваши банкиры устроят, что эти роботы будут в Нью-Йорке безработных на демонтрациях гонять.

renny medved says:

I like how its wearing climbing shoes.

Gabe Gillespie says:

Where the fuck is John Connor?

Xezs says:

Soon they will demand not just shoes, but houses, cars, salary and things like that. They will even want kids too 🙂

Xezs says:

Hahaha, true 🙂

Oscar D says:

1:27am march 10 atlas project became self aware…..

bagdadder98 says:


FireStorm says:

Yep…still not Asimo. Honda: 1 Darpa: 0

Mohamad EL Baroudi says:

They're giving em shoes now…

Drew De Grado says:

Furthermore I believe "they" are 30 – 50 years ahead in technology than what they release to the public like this video.

GimmeUrTots says:

Sp creepy, yet so beautiful and interesting

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