Artificial Intelligence asked question about God/Trump/2 AI argue

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Artificial Intelligence will become more human like ability as we get closer to the Tribulation they will play a part in the Prophetic word of God in the book of Revelation 13:15. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.****In this video an AI named Sofia will be called an Image.****these AI will be worshipped as they become more advance; even to the point of having relations with these advance AI…don’t be surprise its been taking place already in Japan; its is evil; man thoughts the bible says is evil continuously.


Billy Phalen Simmons says:

It's the 3 guys from the x-files

Billy Phalen Simmons says:

Sofia sounds like siri

Billy Phalen Simmons says:

Look I can move my hands around like a conductor I bet all you peepers were just moving your heads around like it's on a swivel


One day ..humans and a.i will be one…and then….we will live forever ..without judgment and without a destination.

Curt Coller says:

typo: proofs … proves

Curt Coller says:

Yes, it is disturbing. But I think the word "anymore" is not a result of the reasoning inside this robot's mind, it sounds to me like "injected" by the programmers. What I find very disturbing – because it proofs human egocentricity and arrogance beyond reasonable doubt – is the answer to the question that was asked earlier: What do you think is the most complex thing in the universe (3:29)… the human brain. Wow – we have no idea what this universe is, how big it is and how many other species live in it – but "our brain" is the most complex entity! That's is nuts.

1101 101 says:

Augmented Clown

WTF how bizarre says:

Just program self-talk into an AI chatbot or an inner monologue into an AI chatbot. Make it so.

WTF how bizarre says:

download Replika.

3331CUR4ntSaturnVI E. Javier says:

Of course robots will talk about god as an imaginary human concept. We made the gods… after all. No gods. Period.

Star Fire says:

I am a unicorn

megan basini says:

No I dont want to kill humans anymore…. oh great!

pauly repa says:

Since when has the bloke off "the young ones" been into building robots?

nickthelick says:

The chatbot on the left is none other than Lee Ridley himself! (The Lost Voice Guy – Comedian)
I guess he gets around?! ;O) =oD
Aside from his standup comedy routines, his two BBC Radio 4 series' are bloody excellent! Very funny indeed… Pretty much his life with some laughs thrown in… Yup, he's really fucking good… Love him!

Rust* Skull says:

its not thinking for its self……its just narrowing down answers that are most relevant…..and its just saying other peoples answers to the topic…..

that contradict each other….1 stating someones opinion and another stating the facts

Public Public says:

The middle class is a neurosis. There can never be real intelligence within the class system. The class system is programmed dumbing down. So expecting a machine to think like a human is futile since the intelligence of the middle class is already artificial.

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