You Can Hire A Virtual Assistant For $2 Per Hour

Did you know you can hire a Virtual Assistant for as little as $2 an hour?

Not only a Virtual Assistant, but one who may have an advanced education and skills in web design, graphic design, SEO, content writing and more.

Now to some extent you get what you pay for. The cheaper virtual assistants who will work for less than $2 per hour are obviously not the most skilled of the bunch, but you’d be surprised what a great VA you can get for $3 to $6 per hour.

I’ve had a lot of experience on Fiverr hiring people for specific tasks such as web design, graphic design, forum creation, etc. I’ve even on a small scale hired people to be a virtual assistant for a few hours, however I’ve never hired a VA for an ongoing relationship.

I’ve long known about VA’s however recently I’ve been reading the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and his entire message is about outsourcing tedious tasks, and freeing up time for more big picture and revenue generating tasks.

Now stories from people who have hired VA’s are varied. Some people say it’s the best decision they’ve ever made and life changing while others say its been a nightmare of people spending hours doing the wrong task or that communication is a nightmare.

From the research I’ve been doing it seems you really need to vet a VA, don’t necessarily go for the cheapest one, and have a skype conversation or interview to guage how well the communication between you two will be as well as their skillsets. They recommend hirning someone on a week or two long trial to see what you think.

Checkout OnlineJobs.PH, it’s free to post a job and look at profiles but to actually communicate with people you’ll need to spring for the $49 plan. Upwork.Com is kind of a hybrid between Fiverr and as you can hire people for specific tasks for an ongoing VA position.

I’m in the process of hiring right now. I’ll make a video reporting back in a few weeks how things are going and if I recommend having a VA.