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Learn from Googlers who are working to ensure that a robust framework for ethical AI principles are in place, and that Google’s products do not amplify or propagate unfair bias, stereotyping, or prejudice. Hear about the research they are doing to evolve artificial intelligence towards positive goals: from accountability in the ethical deployment of AI, to the tools needed to actually build them, and advocating for the inclusion of concepts such as race, gender, and justice to be considered as part of the process.

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Speaker(s): Jen Gennai, Margaret Mitchell, Jamila Smith-Loud




Caleb Sullivan says:

look at that ratio

Alex Gontcharov says:

#4 accountable to all people or a particular group? Will #1 and #2 be open sourced so we the people can verify it's socially beneficial and not biased?

jimcola Buchanan says:

Very good video. I think ethics should be the driving principal. 😉

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