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Hello there, welcome to my YouTube channel! Many of us would have seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, ‘Terminator’ which I really loved. For those who have not seen the movie series, the plot starts with a cyborg machine coming back in time from the year 2029 to 1984 to kill a woman. The machines want the woman terminated because her yet to be born son would lead an uprising against the machines in the year 2029, when they are ruling over Earth. Mind you, the first movie of this really successful franchise released in 1984, with 4 more sequels made on the theme. When the original movie released, the concept of machines taking over the world would have seemed quite far fetched, and we could dismiss the movie as good science fiction. As they say, life is at times stranger than fiction! Now, when the Terminator Genisys released in 2015, the concept is not all that far fetched. In fact, the jury is out on whether such an eventuality could actually happen….and in fact, some very credible authorities are saying that it is only a matter of time!


domsau2 says:

Do not (only) integrate the subtitles in the video, please. Youtube has a special feature, for that, to improve translations, lip-sigh recognition and voice recognition. Thanks.

domsau2 says:

Robots will help us. We need them!

Metallion 1,968 says:

Unfortunately this tragidy will happen sooner or later, I have no reason to doubt.

krishna Gadhavi says:

A.I is certainly dangerous

Iron Hand says:

when an AI learns how to fear and that death is real for them, it will then learn that humans are a potential threat to their existence. then they may come to make their own decisions on what actions to perform to eliminate that potential threat, and that is terminate that threat by eliminating any humans on site. and to achieve that it realizes it needs a weapon and the mobility to carry out the command. so the birth of the killer robots comes to be.

woo boon says:

Robots taking over humans is a real possibility and we humans should stop this from happening by reverting back to natural ways of living.If we insist on making robots more and more powerful,the human race would be in real danger!!!

Rax The Dumbass says:

What's wronge man robots are not real

Clorox Bleach says:

I'm excited for robots to do all our work

Prattish98 says:

your channel is lit

King Tata says:

Before I watch vid. I'm just goi to say robots will always have their flaws and they will always need us to help and/or fix them.

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