Will robots take our jobs? | CNBC Explains

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Elon Musk says robots will be able to do everything better than humans. So does that mean the future workforce will be entirely automated? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains.


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Cleopatra says:

I don't mind robots doing the shitty 9-5 slave jobs instead of us. We complain about having slave jobs. As long as we get universal basic income enough for us to survive and people make money online business and not being controlled by a dictatorship.

Darnell Lyttle says:

Will Smith tried to warn us in the movie

Joseph Postma says:

Automation would lead to cheaper goods.

Abra kadabra says:

The host spent sleepless nights after that and was finally replaced by the robot.

Zach Sylvestre says:

Well what is the point of living if you can’t do a career you want. 50 years you spend working we should do a job we love not everyone wants to program robots and crap pepole like me work outside for money that’s what we know don’t expect me to run computer algorithms

kylezell36 says:

1:42 let's not

Desuxis says:

It always were like this. The poor get poorer and the rich gets richer. I dont like this

Matheus M. Santana says:

One thing i noticed very clearly while growing up was the automation of customer support. I remember less than 15 years ago when everything was done by people, then i remember the very robotic voices asking for you to press numbers, and now they ask you yes or no questions with almost perfect human voices and trying speak im a natural way. Once a bank called my home number by mistake amd the almost humam voice asked if i was the person they wanted, yes or no, and i forgot i was talking to a computer and i automatically said "there is no one here with this name" and they answered in their almost natural voice "oh ok, sorry for the mistake. Please disregard this call. Have a nice day"

Carly Steffen says:

No! Anything but that! We humans are supposed to be the dominant species, so we have to grow wiser along with technology and not just leave every concern to technology!

Aaron Campos says:

I'm gonna have new job Robot destroyer !!!!

Might as well call me the Terminator.

Kayla Vybz says:

Yeah but we bring life and originality to what we do, it's bound to happen but it won't feel good to us humans

Jasmine Whitehead says:

It’s discussing!! How will people earn a proper living for god sake. Glad I won’t be around.

JAB Initials says:

When you compare the number of jobs that will be lost and the type of jobs, that translates into tens of millions of Americans out of work. Many of them won't be able to work in one of the highly technical fields that will be created by the loss of non-technical, menial jobs. Most people can't become programmers, not everyone can train and work as a technician, so this capitalist claptrap that technology will simply create new jobs and there's going to be a "smooth transition" from menial jobs to "programming jobs" and technical fields is laughable.

There won't be enough programming and technical jobs, nor will most people have the funds to pay for training or the ability to learn and work as a programmer/coder or a technician. More, the new systems that replace human labor, will eventually in the not to distant future, program and maintain themselves via other systems, be them robots, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology. So within the next fifty years what we will see is that the systems that replace human labor in the next twenty years, creating some new fields in the area of programming and systems repair/maintenance, will themselves be automated by intelligent systems (artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology). So even the few people who are smart enough, have the ability to become programmers and technicians, will lose their wages as well.

It's not necessary for there to be an absolute replacement of human labor for capitalism to collapse, there just has to be a 40% loss of jobs and the economy will collapse, due to the massive unemployment and poverty. The film Elysium is a good example of what things will look like under capitalism in the next 100 years, if we don't adopt socialist principles ASAP into our current capitalist centered mode of production and economy. Without central planning for production by government and social programs, the capitalist for profit mode of production will collapse, along with its markets. That's why technology naturally by necessity leads to socialism and eventually high-communism, whether you like it or not.

01 says:

Count down. Is started when we will have to do suicide when very less jobs will be there even Elon musk said that save every second use robots more and more.
I think we must not work on AI and ML, automation that will kill us one day.

Giraffe Animations says:

I’m scared for the future

George Campbell says:

Nothing or no thing will take my career away from me. Bring it on, robots

Aiah Zohar says:

If I hear one more argument about why robots will NOT "take over" human jobs because back in the 1800 when railroads (industrialization) came on the scene… Intelligent machines add a different dimension to the consideration.

Zo Wo says:

robots are here to free people
why did we invent windmills?
a windmill is basically a house that produces flour
there are rotating blades that make the machinery work
if we remove the rotating blades, then, 40 men will have to work and suffer the entire day
but thanks to the rotating blades, these 40 men are free

Ghost says:

1:37 until a robot that makes programs is created…

Ktkahghierm_quake 2020 Ddd Yyy says:


Max Intel says:

Hey YouTube why is this CNBC report from two years ago popping up now? could it be you’re trying to convince everyone that human jobs will no longer exist in the future or that the majority of humans will not exist in the future which is it?

the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith says:

They took my job I ended up almost losing my home

griffin rome says:

They prolly watched this video 🥴

TheShininglord Gaming says:

If it happen chill ur house be automatic all be reach and it can happen it 2030

Glitch The Deer says:

yall underestimate how difficult and stressful programming is!

Mr. X says:

I think with all these hateful thoughts humans clearly have over robots, it might keep them from having too much influence.

Joseph Plunkett says:

The hardest part of my job is not automating myself and everyone else out of a job. With technology where it is today, it's easier said than done.

Kellen Peterson says:

Little do we know we will also be connected to technology so the robots will be us … part human part robots

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