Will Machines Take Over The World?

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Craig & company explore the consequences of machine intelligence and its implications for the future of humanity. Will machines take over the world? What’s the singularity? When will the singularity happen? Could the plot of the Terminator movies come true?

Special Thanks to:

Minsoo Kang
Howie Choset
Matthew Travers
Christopher Atkeson
Illah Nourbakhsh
and The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

Robots Playlist:
A History of Robots – http://bit.ly/1JEh8CG
Innovative Robots That Will Make Our Lives Better – http://bit.ly/1JD2c9p
Are Machines Going to Take Over The World? – http://bit.ly/1KqAN9E
Are We Becoming Robots? – http://bit.ly/1e6mCKU

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Music By:

Kevin MacLeod

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Image and Video Credits:

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TrenchCoat Dingo says:

just get a ai to build a better ai

sabre22b says:

Yes. Yes they will. Next question, Bamber.

Patrick Coston says:

7:15 Craig says "Robots need algorithms to make decisions. Algorithms are made by people." He's not considering Machine Learning.

No Name says:

Quantum Chips made me cackle

SpookyFXdotCom says:

"good evening Mr J…" Am I the only one that heard HARRY QUINN!

fl00fydragon says:

becoming cyborgs is the way to go
infact becoming fully synthetic would be what would bring forth an age of shared luxury and immortality

8523wsxc says:

Humanity has gone too far with Jeff Goldblum.

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien says:

remind me of In a Nutshell video What is Life,is Death Real?
the line between life and death are kinda blurry
cant wait until I could get robot husband

Citric Thoughts says:

Has anyone else noticed that Christopher Atkeson looks just like Dr Light? Megaman when?

verdatum says:

I love the idea of this show; I really do. And I really do love the presenters of the show. But sometimes, I feel like it is SciShow with more details, but less depth. Like it describes the arguments out there, but doesn't do enough to challenge them or present the array of valid counterarguments. I guess I'm just in the minority, or at least a dissenter who wandered into an echo-chamber that doesn't want his voice.
I mean, you're getting views, and teaching, at least, something. So is it my place to criticize? I don't know…This in particular is a woefully controversial issue, so maybe it's unfair to pick this vid to raise concerns.
I'm still glad you are sharing, and as a result, giving me something to watch and think about.

RedLeader327 says:

I would happily become a cyborg.

Daxxon Jabiru says:

I wish I could support the show, but the robots took my job …

OrcephRye says:

Memristor! When you guys where talking about future technology that will continue the trend that Moores law has laid out. Look up Memristors.

Also there is two types of Quantum computers. Both are impressive in there own right. But they are merely tools to sure specific purposes. The CPUs that are used in every day computers are general purpose computing devices. Quantum mechanics are simply not needed for general purpose computing.

Perhaps one day the average person will be able to gain instant access to massive amounts of data and the way at which the average person uses that data would benefit from the use of a Quantum Computer then a QPU can be added to the CPU to crunch numbers much like we use an APU today.

Oh… just a note… in order to see that work you probably need Memristor's to handle that data. So… Memristor! WOOT!

P.S: I super wish I was able to post this back when you actually made the video instead of now. sigh.

Adrian K says:

Jeff Goldbloom!!! Yeeeees!

Stephen Kong says:

To be fair, we human never fully understand the nature or our surroundings. But the nature/our surroundings always present themselves with a illusion of simplicity to fool us to think we understand what's going on. The same can be said for future complex computers/robots, they could present a simple enough user interfaces for us to 'interact' with the robots/computers.

Nick L says:

Terminator vs Astro Boy vs Borg.

My guess the Singularity will look like the Borg (only more disorganized internally. )

Singularity is already happening. I cannot work without my office computer. Literally. Without that machine and the specialized software on it, I cannot do my job. The work I do is too complicated for me to do on my simple human brain Yet it is too random for a computer program to do on its own either. Only a man machine can handle it. And that is the singularity.

Perfect Loser says:

If our choices really matter and there is no stupid starchild, I'm ok with anything that may come.

Daniel Janzen says:

I think there is already some sort of mergence happening, because the connection between people and the internet (which is basically a second brain) gets stronger and stronger. So in a way, we live in symbiosis with a network of machines.

Frame Shy says:

it's obvious you guys are acting but…can you please try a little harder to hide it?

Isabell Xie says:

"if the robots win, we'll have to listen to techno, HECK NO, TECHNO! I"ll NEVER LISTEN TO TECHNO!!"

Margaret Shaffar says:

God made all the animals!

Adam Kelley says:

I can't wait to be a post-human super cyborg!

Lightlybow says:

At 7:15 I guffawed. Thank you for that.

Gabriel Jack says:

the moore's law might even affect the creation of the universe to the point where earth was created and have some connection to the fibonacci sequence…

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