Will Artificial Intelligence Predict Your Future? One Computer Scientists Sorts Fact from Fiction

The computer scientist Arvind Narayanan has built a career deflating the hype around claims made by Big Tech. He took on Netflix on user privacy and is now setting his sights on the latest neural networks. Are claims that algorithms can predict our future behavior really true? Should programmers decide what invasive technologies are implemented, or should the public? How do so called “objective” machine learning algorithms actually reflect the biases and prejudices of society at large?

Narayanan is a professor of computer science at Princeton University, affiliated with the Center for Information Technology Policy. He studies the societal impact of digital technologies.

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0:00 Who is Dr. Arvind Narayanan?
0:27 Taking on Netflix and privacy
1:17 Your apps are tracking you everywhere
1:58 An unexpected defender of digital privacy
2:10 Do AI technologies predicting behavior actually work?
3:40 Does tech amply the best and and worst of society?

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