Will Artificial Intelligence End Human Creativity? Ai vs Human Creativity

Will Artificial Intelligence End Human Creativity? Will Ai end art? In this video, I explain how AI is transforming the creative industries. Ai and creativity explained.

“I’m already creative. Why do I need AI?” Well, AI can enhance your creativity in numerous ways. In this video, I delve deeper into how Artificial Intelligence is transforming our creative processes. Using understandable language, I’ll explain how we measure creativity, discuss the most important metrics of creativity, and explore the concept of AI fluency. So, is this the end of human creativity? Let’s find out.

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Why Do We Need AI?
00:54 Most Expensive AI Painting
01:44 Most Important Metrics of creativity
03:08 What is Aiva?
04:40 AI Fluency
06:27 Robot Sophia
07:21 How to Measure Creativity?
08:42 The Importance of Ai Creativity

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