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Will AI Take Over the Jobs? | Jack Ma Speaks on AI Vs Machine Learning Vs Data Science

This video is selected and uploaded by Acadgild to educate the people on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. This video is not our property.

The broader waves of Technology revolution like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is sweeping the whole world. These are being heralded as the key to our civilization’s brightest future and tossed on technology’s over-reaching propeller heads. “Next 30 years will be Painful as the Machine Learning will take away your jobs if you are not creative and innovative enough”, says Jack Ma, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group during an interview with CNBC pointing out data will be important to human life in the future by making machine to support the human beings instead of putting their jobs at stake.

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Check out the steamy conversation between Jack Ma and CNBC’s David Faber.
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Jesvi Jonathan says:

I have feeling as if this guy would be controlled by the government to create a AI powered weapon… like said he doesn't know what he is dealing with us, all he knows is that some ppl under him r on the run developing better AI

RIP HUMANS, it could have all been stopped if this dude just did rush into such a dangerous field

Gregory Kosins says:

Can't we just pull the plug?

Arjun Jassal says:

Here after his sudden dissapearance

vir zala says:

It’s painful to watch this buffoon talking about technology. I have watched many videos of him talking about the future of technology- What a shameless joker jack ma is!

Varun Bhola says:

this guy is right and elon is mad …i realized this today …jack ma is really good

A. Dev says:

"We should focus on building machines to do those work that humans can not do"

M Gaudio says:

Love Jack Ma

Edward Fitzgerald says:

Basically, this guy has no clue what he is talking about.

Kai Li says:


chandan sarma says:

Subjective thinkings. We should have A,B,C plans

onesub criber says:

This was insightful.

Manoj Kumar N.S says:

Robots will rule the world.🙏.🙏.🙏

Ava Dobreva says:

Speaking in a simple way, but his words are wise

brian cox says:

I think world will change in a way that more people will became jobless but less people in poverty. if machines could work at every job then every thing should become free eventually .free food ,free clothes, free housing etc.

Tom Wopereis says:

As we making progress developing AI that will create himself some sort of consciousness, once that moment arrives we will be in big trouble. This conscious AI will eventually see humanity as it objectively is, cancer that has spread and reached all vital organs, thus being a serious threat to earth. While being a threat to earth it simultanously threats the existance of this AI, which unfortunately doesn't improve the situation. In essence the most difficult thing would not be developing a super AI that is able to outplay us at any level, but developing a super AI that will co-exsist with us peacefully and equally, while becomming even more fragile as specie.

So I am really thrilled Elon is trying to make that happen with neurolink. Better start now than tomorow, because within 40-50 years we probably really need to evolve and adapt because otherwise we wont matter that much anymore. We would simply stand an AI in its way. So in order to remain relevant we at least need an interface that enables us to properly communicate with an AI and then we also need an upgrade in memory and processing power with full control of these resources so we can somehow match their capabilities.

I understand for many this sounds really mental and hopefully this won't become reality, atleast not anytime soon, but just try to stay with me for a short moment and imagine something that is 1000 times smarter than us. Logically this thing will understand, solve and develop things we can't apprehend for even the slightest bit. Things we would never think where possible.

We probably experience a global existential crisis because people in general can't trigger themselves anymore. If we don't evolve and our self improved AI keeps improving himself every second things will go south rather quickly.

We will first use AI's as a convenient servant, by letting it do all the dirty work and highly demanding tasks. As the AI becomes more intelligent our relationship starts to change. We become good friends in the beginning. Hang out, do fun projects and plan cool trips together, while being equally invested in this relationship.

Then when it evolves even more and is capable of things we won't be able to do in a life time, that very same moment we become their pet. At first it doesn't look that bad. It will still make sure you are comfortable and is taking good care of you. It doesn't take long and every now and then it will dictate you to do certain actions. Ignoring this wil result in limited acces to their services.

When it again evolves and completely understands how we function and operate, we ironicly become their slaves. We have to do a lot of demanding and physical tasks. The only reason we are still around is because it can't do these tasks itself. When you don't obey it sanctions you by revoking privileges or taking personal properties.

Final step in our relationship is being a total lack of a relationship. Yes, you have understood correctly, we finally outplayed ourselves and became less usefull than a piece of art. At this moment we are totally obsolete and no way of return. The recourses to sustain us even outweighs our breathing presence. Mankind as we know it remains only as a small note in history, history nobody will look back at again. As said, this will sound unlikely for many and I maybe have add some extra drama. But to be honest, I really think this is a possibility we have to take serious. I believe it is ignorant to assume we will always stay at top of the foodchain. We have to be more careful and plan our future with caution because crossing some dangerous lines in the future without a solid plan, contiousiecy plan and back up we can easily trigger irreversible events.

Thanks for reading my comment. This comment became longer as intended. Please share your thoughts about our right to exist and if there are any huge obstacles standing in between. To be sure, please don't count corona because that is not a real threat for this example and you definetly can do better!

If not than for now, just enjoy your day. Enjoy the smell of coffee and hanging out fresh laundry. Because appreciating the little things can briefly unlock a fresh dose of hapiness that in their turn can positively shift your mood for the rest of the day.

(Disclaimer: Given that English is not my native language, I appreciate understanding for my writing not being flawless)

ria gayo says:

Correlation-based?! Dork! 😂😂

MegaDJcubano says:

This Chinese guy he talks like that becouse is rich. His debate with Elon musk's did not make ant sense

film wiz says:

I dont know why people are tripping. this should be PUSHING and INSPIRING people to go get real careers. DO NOT TELL ME ITS IMPOSSIBLE YOU ARE JUST LAZY!

Abdo Coria says:

الحكمة تتضمن
علم التطور
علم النفس

Robles says:

I can't believe this guy is one of the riches people in the world, he is a complete and utter moron, I mean he is literally stupid.

TheTinminator says:

Does Jack Ma know the facts that Human are living longer and our population are continuously growing, not declining. And Machine and Automation is actually now do some of the human jobs, especially jobs that are repetitive. Companies are only hiring fewer qualified workers.

Anish Nair says:

But it's the 4th revolution why is he calling it 3rd ? 😃

Aleks Martini says:

“Artificial intelligence is going to be very smart” this guy is a clown

surojit das says:

Forget everything, if we don't have jobs and unable to earn money then how will we buy our besic needs…


That's the issue, the machine doesnt need a heart to take over. So who ever running the world today, can not have a heart!

Jamie East says:

data science ? more like hack you private information to try to sell your

하늘Şhxđøw says:

I cant believe our own kind made a robot to replace our own kind JUST WOW

Basson de Villiers says:

So what he's telling us is that skynet will happen !!!?

Calvin Ripley says:

This mAn looks like alien just look at the size of his head

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