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Kristie Lu Stout chats with “Rise of the Robots” author Martin Ford about how AI could replace many human jobs



Ashok Chakravarty says:

See more in positively​ light itd like robots saying to us "go do what you do best be creative leave these jobs to us" anyways thats what i think

Clorox Bleach says:

I want robots set us free drain the cash

J Doe says:

here in China….?? hmmm!

Kaan H says:

I miss obama, sniff.

Blazed and Confused says:


RasseruS says:

Bad expert, couldn't give samples… Like Robots do some jobs on building cars right now.
Bad for CNN for frightening people about robots taking some jobs. That will be a while before that would happen. Also robots would create jobs for well-educated people.

Must been a slow News day at CNN.

Nightbandit says:

oh jeez are we gonna be robo racists now. robitist?

William Wilson says:

Read his book…now. Also read People Get Ready.

Be a plumber, HVAC, Fireman, Cop as these will be more difficult to replace with a robot.

For me, I can't be replaced by AI…I don't have a job.

xxnike629xx says:

Skynet is coming.
Not surprising though.
They're more efficient, they don't get sick, they don't need to eat/drink, and cost wise, it'd be cheaper than a human employee.

Arman Bazhenov says:

all of us can become robot-designers.

Huey Freeman says:

NO SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
more job lost are coming.

Fabiafidus says:

This is good, but its going to be a rough time at the transition. We just gotta bite it at the thought that it will create a better future!

free stuff says:

dey took our jooooobs

wise ass says:

I just looked up Masayoshi son. This is the investor for all these American working jobs they've promised so ta speak. Now this guy has a 300 year plan to invent communicating telepathically. No shit. He wants to build robots. He actually want to create computers that can make machines. Interesting isnt it. (Someone will steal my comment and take credit for it as usual.)

wise ass says:

its not just robots taking jobs. i worked for a tree nursery for the Foresty. Every year they got a big bonus and instead of sharing it with us they bought high priced machines to replace the workers. Thats just down right Dirty

wise ass says:

I told you guys but you thought i was full of shit. trumps business deal is a farce. this is for them not us folks. Wake up

Annatar says:

none of this will happen. When people lose jobs, they can eat and when people starve, they will fight back. People will elect politicians who will provide job security. Socialism will be on the rise and capitalism will fall. The few rich won't last long against the many poor.


This is something that really needs to be looked at. Just like how we plant trees when we cut one down. We should do the same. Every job replaced by technology, find a job for five people.

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