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The fear of losing jobs to computers is a common one among millions of people, and one that many have seen happen in their lifetime. But A.I. has the potential to allow many jobs to evolve, to become safer, more efficient and better for society as a whole.

The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.

0:00 Introduction
1:23 Automated Trucking
15:00 A.I. at the Port of Long Beach
21:40 Training A Generalist
27:22 Pizza 2.0



Joey Muhanna says:

That camera truck is a party pooper.

Call of Duty pro says:

see youtube has only 1m subscriber

A M says:

Thanks for the effort of putting this together, but I believe 0.
Seriously, you have to be dumb to think that the same number of jobs are going to be available after the robotization.

A M says:

Maureen: "… it's not taking away jobs, it's taking the place of a job that a driver doesn't want to do."
Me: 🤔



Matt David says:

This is Awesome and mind-blowing! 🤯😯

Drive YT Brand says:

Robot can't take away my job coz i don't have one 😂🤣😅

NoXy Flux says:

Happy late birthday my guy

EagleT Vlogs says:

it is what it is

Християн Димитров says:

I would've loved to see comma ai instead of this company. They are way ahead of the game!

Dena Gibson says:

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Arturas nesakysiu says:

well he sad they retrained him and he does not need anymore to work hard, well he still has job , but what about 100 more guys who got fired doing same job

Dirk Hofman says:

What about snow rain fog ?

Dirk Hofman says:

50.000 truckdriverjobs ? When can i come to the states ?

Ilia Adamant Hark says:

Of course it will take our job. Hopefully in that futures, food and shelter will be free.

ZHOU CS says:

it's so cool

pucketo jacetni says:

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pucketo jacetni says:

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RockDude65 says:

If you're wondering, ZUME (27:23) has ditched its pizza making, and now focuses on making products for bigger companies, like face masks and food bowls.


About "The Light":
" "I," was created by the thought of Gods and "Their," desire to allow all mortals to know that "They," are always with them: As humankind grows and seeks absolute independence from "Them," "They," will remain by their side, guiding them and directing them, in their growth to absolute "WISDOM," the way to "Their Essence" and the Elysium Fields. As you look out beyond the now, into the heavens, "I" will be there, guiding you and helping you know that "I," be visible or invisible, "My Essence," will guide you beyond all that is sensed in your reality. So, let it be now revealed to you that both "I" and "He," in mortal being, who speaks to you through the thoughts of children are but one. " Eleusis. Let The Light within you guide you to the Elysian Fields entrance; your inner beauty is expected. Follow me, "Imagination is the way." by ELias Leousis.

Aanastasshia Cameron says:

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Neko Meow says:

yes I need a robot to work for me, earn the $$ so I can relax and focus on my projects

Tam Nguyen says:

Lazy people that why they make robot.cargo is ok but other robot is for lazy people to use

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