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My biggest pet peeve in machine learning: loudmouths saying unsupervised learning is free of humans and human bias. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried!

Learn more:
Unsupervised learning intro:
AI bias:
Human supervision:
It’s analytics, not machine learning:



nicholas kho says:

Thank you for this!

Ajith C J says:

Wonderful work with the videos. Hope you keep inspiring tons of people with the awesome content!

Randy Collica says:

Hi Cassie, I completely agree with you on the part that humans will obviously supervise the "unsupervised" learning, however, I believe that it was originally called unsupervised because there wasn't a training set from which to learn so in essence the training set is "us" who is training the algorithm just as you stated. One of my supervisors said when I was giving a home-grown class in data mining said "when you do clustering do you just input all the data and out spits the results?" I almost had to laugh at that comment and had to explain like your comments.

daniel zaldaña says:

Thank you for sharing it!

digigoliath says:

OK, we are never going to be able to completely eliminate bias. Well, we tried! LOL

Karolina Sowinska says:

Awesome vidoes, Cassie. I aspire to create similar content (I've already got some videos on my channel which explain some areas of ML such as NLP in hopefully simple terms!). Thanks for inspiration! P.S. I'm a huge theatre fan as well 🙂

Moin Huzaifa says:

Awesome….plz upload more videos

Vikrant Verma says:

Hi Cassie,
Thanks for this video…Can you please make a video on bagging and boosting in your style.


Hi Cassie, Your Videos are very very good but are very less in numbers. I just want to know that are there any interesting open source machine learning projects google is currently working on. I am a full Stack Android Engineer and I wanted to explore things going on in Machine Learning. Please suggest some interesting open source projects.

Deepak Singh says:

Short and crisp

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