WHY AI WON'T TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD – Ben Goertzel | London Real

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Dr Ben Goertzel is the Founder and CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Science Advisor for Hanson Robotics.

He is one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), with decades of expertise in applying AI to practical problems like natural language processing, data mining, video gaming, robotics, national security and bioinformatics.

He was part of the Hanson team which developed the AI software for the humanoid Sophia robot, which can communicate with humans and display more than 50 facial expressions.Today he also serve as Chairman of the AGI Society, the Decentralized AI Alliance and the futurist nonprofit organisation Humanity+.

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Website: http://goertzel.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bengoertzel

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London Real says:

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Abdulalim Omar says:

The difference between a toy car and a real car is less.

Bob Volpe says:

It could be programed to enslave us ?
More than we already are. And of course the weapon factor comes into play. And it will .
Theres allready humans that act like machines … I guess im tryin to say a lawn mower will cut grass or my foot ? It cant differentiate the differant between either… I see nothin but trouble comin that … Cray 4 cray 5
Computers can calculate every SCENARIO imaginable . and i was born with a computer ! Its in my head? And its doin just fine … I understand its not coming! its allready here ! But i still see nothin but trouble…
I guess because IM OLD. LOL… My survival instincts
Tell me this…

Michael Cherrington says:

Brilliant person. But his "ah shuck we don't hurt ants" defense of A.I. is mildly bizarre to me.
His dismissals of the danger in general AI always seem like he is pranking us. A real "These are not the droids you are looking for"" kind of vibe.

Dark Room says:

The problem with all this is that no one can foresee or imagine the reality of what issues are going to present themselves in such a future.

Outrjs says:

It's written in the Bible, roughly, 2000 years ago and it is written in the most horrible way.
The abomination that causes desolation, Revelation.
Habakkuk 2 is a great chapter…

El Sea says:

Seems like it would obsess over where everything came from.

Green Eyes says:

Ai indifferent to humans ? If humans want to shut if off ? If humans don't keep the computers running? If AI were a baby & want a bigger computer to think with – won't baby AI scream to parents ? I wonder if the guest would like to comment on Dr Frankenstein – where the creation surpasses the creator

Shane Graham says:

It's funny you can sense he literally hates humans hates what he is thinks we are trash it's like he is a robot that cant come to terms with the fact that humans created A.I. he gives no homage to his own humanity so sad

stronghold500 says:

I can see it already. Him in his lab, ripping the control chip out of the ai bot. But it keeps going. Then the shock in his eyes as it rips out his non feeling heart. What an idiot

Oscar Carlos says:

Will the super rich allow this world? AI will take care of it 🦾

Oscar Carlos says:

I’m smarter just listening to this for 7mins

Bill2uok says:

I don't think that you will see the singularity by 2025. Another thing is that AI can never replace a human. Ask yourself, what is it to be human? It took hundreds of thousands of years for humans to develop to what they are today. Biological and machinery can be used together but once you take the biological out of the equation you take the human out.

Layla Layla says:

Brian, this was one of the worst interviews I must say.. who are these morons who have such empty lives that they aspire to be robots??

Palaniappa Kalairajan says:

A. I can take care of us? Does machines hv compassion? We will be the slaves of A. I.

Jeff Xanders says:

AI will quickly realize what we refuse to – that science needs philosophical thought to realize the nature of our being. Unfortunately, those who control the world will control this as well. All this is almost irrelevant to us as individuals and our own world's.

Lusty Classy Cat says:

people seem so fearful in the comments haha nobody really knows what will happen until it happens

Lusty Classy Cat says:

im definitely looking forward to making babies the old fashioned way 😉

Jesus Poem says:

Did anyone notice at 3:35 to 3:45 he glitched out and something weird happened. Reptilian maybe.

david collins says:

That sounds a sick place to live

DC says:

If this is true then why the depopulation agenda

TheEBCNews says:

Thatcher should never have started the care in the community project

Justin R Varga says:

I think whether it’s 2020 2045 2295. A few billion will vote against or resist this concept. People wanna get chipped then get chipped people who don’t. Then leave them alone. Bring in facial recognition cameras. Keep cash and other personal buying options.

Stane Malovrh says:

A.I and ants part was ya like Sam Haris talked about. And what if this ants get too annyoing for the super A.I. ? Yet he is very cool with this. Looks like they want this no matter what the cost may be.

S.S.M. Artism says:

when we figure out how to make a virtual reality that basically can run itself and doesn't need an external "computer" to run it and sustain it, we will eventually have the potential to break out of our dimension, and maybe see who made us and our dimension 🙂

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