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The big question everyone seems to be asking these days is “Will AI replace my job?”. Arpan Shah has seen how powerful a tool AI can, and shares some surprising and hopeful facts on the advent of AI in India.

Arpan Shah is a technologist, investor and data scientist based in California. A graduate of Stanford University, Arpan specializes in Systems and Data. He is currently head of data at Robinhood, one of the most successful Fintech companies in the Bay Area, and also advises and invests in startups with his investment firm in India.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Suraj Tiwari says:

sir India me Abhi 4g network tower kai gaav me install Nahi hua to internet revolution to bahut Dur ki baat lagti ha

Karthik Shanmugam says:

Moore's Law is dead.

Harshal Deore says:

That last line.

Ashok Sawant says:

Boy are you sure cars can drive better than any human can? Hmhm drive them in India

Ashok Sawant says:

Well we all now know when the cars became mainstream in India certainly not in 1903 enough said about AI

Ankit singhaniya says:

yes, our society believes that until we see it around it's not possible but the losers never think that when it is around someone must have created it.

Nitin Patil says:

Awesome talk!!

Robert Mitchell says:

where is India's
Google Amazon Microsoft all

md afzal says:

Bhai iska no mil sakta h kya

Zinc Λnims says:

Ironically, seeing the number of views in this videos tells a lot about our current social level in society…:|

H.R mishra says:

why doesn't Flipkart invest?

vivek nair says:

The problem with tech geeks is that they look at things only from Technology point of view and forget economics. Yes AI will be better at many things, it has to be! but what runs technology? Science ? Engineering? nope – Demand; when you kill employment demand, will also go away (Read Wealth of nations Labour=Wealth). AI will surely reset the economic more money will flow to few but Humans are resilient creatures.

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