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What have you been up to lately, Atlas?



Blayr Lekavich says:

We humans are destroying and polluting our own planet and we need to stop. These robots will see us as a cancer on the planet and kill us. We don't have much time, we need to make the change to environmentally friendly and sustainability.

Murray de Jager says:

Wow, compare this video of Atlas to the one from just 4 yrs ago on this channel.

toryu001 says:


Kreииιαи Astorιa says:

Hardcore parkour

TrapRockTransportation#2002Fan55 says:

When a robot has better athletic skills than you

Muhammad Saleh says:

I like how a lot people mention about Skynet, saying that it'll hack us and take over humanity. A THING ONLY EXIST IN A MOVIE!!!

Tate Windom says:

conveniently, he looks like the guy from PORTAL2, and shares the same name.

Isaiah Phillip says:

When can I get my NS-5?

Chris Massara says:

But can it dance?

Emre Kaçar says:

Everyone talks about using them in the battlefield but nobody thinks about what if they will be hacked?

Paul Schuyler says:

Awesome, now just combine it with a neurotic general AI and unlimited access to state of the art military weapons, and you're good to go. Its going to be an interesting few decades.

Tim Faketon says:

Great, now robots are doing things I can't do… This is how it begins…

The Jamaican Vernacular says:

It's mistah steal yo job

NumberSixteen BusShelter says:

I remember reading in textbooks about how it was impossible for robots to have legs since they can't balance themselves or walk. Wheels was much much easier to use, but having two legs allows you to maneuver much more difficult terrain. How technology has advanced is amazing….

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