What’s Going On With Facial Recognition? | Untangled

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The accuracy rate of facial recognition depends on the data its fed. With enough good data, the accuracy rate could be almost perfect.
Facial recognition is already being implemented in US airports for security and efficiency. But there are concerns that the US government is creating a digital ID library of millions of Americans without consent. 

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement are also using facial recognition for security reasons. But without clear protections, it could be used as a tool to violate human rights. China is also implementing facial recognition on a bigger scale by giving citizens “social scores” in hopes of helping society become better. 

Facial recognition can be used to make tasks automated, convenient, and efficient. But there needs to be regulation and protections in place.

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What’s Going On With Facial Recognition? | Untangled


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Chinese credit system do not take away your credits because you bought too many video games, and they are not taking your dogs away because of that. Why would people tolerate a system that is developed only to humiliating its citizens? Stop manipulating and making up the stories to demonize Chinese systems. Use your critical thinking and think logically.

Texas Ray says:

Of course you can "opt out".

Meow Meow says:

China is a horrible situation
It’s sky net, enemy of the state, and just about every scary sci-fi movie all in one.

Aidan says:

2021 GUYS!!1

Russ Pearson says:

Tick tok spy app.

frotwithdanger says:

That researcher seems very excited about making the world a worse place

graa sten says:

so,the facial recognition computer thinks all colored people look alike?

Hari Kari says:

I dont wanna be banned from google because I speak my mind

Hari Kari says:

the people asked for convenience AND now with covid you will get. Apple Google Facebook all uniting to own us … censor us…. watch us…. use us

Hari Kari says:

welcome to 1984. you dont even know what you have given away

Dipan Mehta says:

Copy pasted part of the video from somewhere else.

Qt says:


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