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Dr Ben Goertzel is the Founder and CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Science Advisor for Hanson Robotics.

He is one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), with decades of expertise in applying AI to practical problems like natural language processing, data mining, video gaming, robotics, national security and bioinformatics.

He was part of the Hanson team which developed the AI software for the humanoid Sophia robot, which can communicate with humans and display more than 50 facial expressions.Today he also serve as Chairman of the AGI Society, the Decentralized AI Alliance and the futurist nonprofit organisation Humanity+.

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London Real says:

Watch the Full Episode on London Real for FREE only at

Mathew says:

When CEOs use the word "decentralized" they're referring to the government. When Ben uses it, he is talking about companies as well.

Lonely Desert Boy says:

I don't know but I'm not advertising my business on Facebook anymore! I'm only using Facebook to disseminate the truth to my friends and family. Boycott Microsoft as well. Take their money away and that hits them where it hurts

shi says:

you want some decentralized cheese with your decentralized wine?

** says:

….is there a haircut in your future ???

Aaron Glusica says:

Charles Hoskinson would be an amazing talk! Founder of IOHK/Cardano/ADA ✊

The Tito Truth Totem says:

I agree.
1. Decentralized servers around the world with main server centers
2. Big servers built into homes
3. AI to evolve Facebook + Open source
4. Mass deployed to the masses.

Why Not Now says:

What style of music is this at the end?

YumYum Outlast says:

Gosh dang it! I love this Prof. Thanks brother for having him on!

Nicolas de Knoop says:

Would be great to see an interview with Rong Chen, founder of Elastos, which is a decentralised open source infrastructure for the (new) internet. Rong Chen is super humble and true visionary!

j mc says:

Facebook is the Pentagon’s rebranded to be more accepted by the masses ‘LifeLog’. Look it up or better watch one of the good doc films on YT about Silicon Valley.

Lucas Vegen says:

He is very Optimistic, but what force is going to stop the elite players and make them de-centralized? Power of good, of fairness? The power of government rushing to the Publics aid? Hmmm. I shall hope.

Vitaly Kuzmenko says:

Libra will make everybody understand that fiat currencies is total bushit,, and bitcoin is a real, valuable thing, like internet!

Spiritualism 0 says:

I still do not use Facebook and Alochol
Because I understand in early that their user Double time wasters

Luc Zagbo says:

Facebook Libra will have a decentralised crypto currency? Wow, Facebook wants to be more than just a sociological media company.

D bag says:

EOS will win. Your welcome

Rob Sullivan says:

I love and respect
you; and, this is the
worst guest you’ve
ever taken seriously

(no macro perspective);

… he’s another tech-
hippy transhumanist …
… recycling the same
old talking points from
the ‘transhumanist
playbook.’ – Rob 🤟🏼

ian frederick says:

Hmmm is he referring to Ethereum?

Adriana J M says:

If Ben Goertzel is so positive about decentralization, why is he pushing so hard to hook A.I. on to humanity? 🤔 A.I. is where we have no control anymore about our thoughts, emotions, and our FREE will! The good thing is, we will be even better slaves. 🤢

Ray C. Lozano says:

Every update they do something that annoys me. Would love to lose them.

In The Dm's says:

Facebook just trynna rule the world

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