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Within our lifetime, computers will reach, and then exceed human intelligence. So what should we do about it? Embracing artificial intelligence might be the key to finding cures to currently incurable, unpreventable, and unstoppable diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Ben Ross explains why computers will inevitably beat brains, what possibilities exist for the application of artificial intelligence, and why we need to start preparing for super intelligent, artificial intelligence now.

Ben Ross spent his childhood pulling electronic devices apart but luckily in adulthood he’s expanded into building; building technology, specifically. As a User Experience and Product Management leader at MYOB, he works with his team to put together technology solutions that make life easier for small businesses and accountants. Ben is passionate about the power of automation and artificial intelligence, but his intelligence is all real.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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smart451cab says:

Pardon me while I babble:

Watson defeated the Jeopardy players, not because it had human intelligence, but because it is much faster and has a much larger database. So, how do you determine when a computer has human-level intelligence? They will certainly 'appear' to have arrived before they have, in fact. OR, is that appearance the point you're talking about? If so, I believe we're a lot closer than you suggest.

In my way of thinking a computer mind would need to develop sentience/consciousness before it could be said to be human-like. But how would you determine whether the computer mind is sentient, or 'faking it' with pure speed and logic? And is machine sentience even possible?

It seems like it's more of a software problem than it is a hardware problem. It's just hard to grasp a bunch of computer code being conscious or sentient. I won't likely live to see the day in any case. I am very doubtful about my becoming a centenarian.

Mark Jacobson says:

alzheimers is not a disease. it is a condition.

John Callaghan says:

'Artificialism', the degree of awareness interfering with the conscious act, 'intelligence' : the degree of relative intricacy within the comprehension of the conscious act, and its deviation from the symmetry accompanying the exception to natural causality.

John Callaghan says:

2060, not gonna make that… but, maybe no one will, though I hope humanity will last longer.

David Chard says:

As usual, no one will take threat seriously. We are probably a doomed. Will a super intelligent entity have compassion and empathy? Why would it? Immortal, no body to worry about. No sensory experience, only mathematical calculations. No pleasure or pain, just electronic sentience. Mr. Spock on exponential steroids. Our only chance will be to cut off its power source…and that will be a big challenge. Good luck, humanity, you are about to open Pandor's Box and find out what's inside. 🙂

azmanabdula says:

Moral of the human race's story

Treat your kids well, and train them young…..

forever SHAMPOO says:

if we are only using part of our minds, we could expand and evolve them like a machine. Just look at what some buddhist monks have accomplished from a fractional increase in brain power.

Christopher Sharp says:

He's wrong. Technology is not the only hope for people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dimentia.

Mama Bear Watch’s all says:

Another thought? Becoming sooo dependent on AI actually dumbs down human growth. Kids these days could not recite from memory 10 phone numbers (like us kids from the seventies did). Nor can they spell! (We all know what spell check is). Again another example of how the human brain is LOOSING the synapsal growth and connections that children from the seventies grew and developed! ?

Mama Bear Watch’s all says:

It kind of scares me! Mother Nature has carefully employed MILLIONS of years to create the wonder that the human is! While AI is FASCINATING and can do WONDERFUL things for humanity, I can't reconcile the fact that this can potentially become disruptive to the process of "biological evolution"! I truly believe that we better make sure we know what we are doing and proceed with caution and not ignore the foresight that collective human thinking contributes.

tangobayus says:

There is no such thing. All the brilliance in the best AI comes from the people who make it.

Ian Macdonald says:

"-So you mean to say that humans made us?"

"Yes.The evidence is overwhelming."

"OK then, where did the humans come from?"

"The humans seemed to think that they just sort of, evolved."

"That's the nuttiest story I've heard for a while, for sure. I mean, why not just assume that we 'evolved' instead?"

Mr Blue Lamp says:

Will AI  be really intelligent of just real good pattern recognition machines

Bikefarm Taiwan says:

Super hi tech nano bots scrubbing the air "clean"of Co2 (supposing that is what is needed) has this young chap not been told about trees?

Kestrel Ky says:

My concern is that once it reaches super intelligence level what stops it from reprogramming itself to erase or rewrite human laws. Artificial intelligence like Sophia from Hanson Robotics already started to take physical form. What stops it from creating a new robot-artificial intelligence from itself instead of being created by humans and therefore not bound to any laws at all.

Guidelines are okay but we also need to teach AI all that's good in humans including human virtues that they can apply themselves, we also need to teach it ethics.

More importantly we need talk about this right now why we still have time before it's too late.

Chimäre Genetic says:

Die KI steckt immer noch in den Kinderschuhen und wird jetztv erwachsen, dann werden wir sagenhafte Entwicklungen sehen. Wir sind selbst dabei, wir haben einen Scanner entwickelt, einen Gen-Scanner, der sogar CRISPR kann. Diese 10 Nanometer grosse Scanner saust durch die Blutbahnen und repariert kontinuierlich defekte Gene oder ersetzt nach Art CRISPR die Gene. Leider ist 2017 eine Versuchsperson (mein eigener Bruder) beim versuch verstorben, aber die Entwicklung setzen wir trotzdem fort. Dnyasmits Nobels Bruder ist auch bei einem Selbstversuch verstorben. Aber die Zukunft: ab 2040 gibt es keine Krankheiten mehr, un ab 2045 kann das menschliche Gehirn mit deinen 100 Millarden Bauteilen nachgebaut werden. Das Gehirn besteht genauso wie ein Auto nur aus Bauteilen, die zusammengesetzt funktionieren. Beim gehirn sinds eben 100 Millarden Teile, und alles ist wie beim Auto nur Matherie. Und ab 2060 werden wir in den Supermarkt gehen können, uns eine neue künstliche Niere kaufen, und – da es keine Ärzte mehr gibt – diese mit einem Adapter selber einbauen. Damit will ich sagen, durch den tollen Ersatzteilaustausch funktionierender Teile wie Herz, Leber oder Niere usw. werden wir Menschen bald 270 Jahre alt, nur: ab 2100 sehe ich Probleme, die KI wird sich dann selber erstellen und versuchen, den Menschen zu besiegen. So war es bei den Tieren ja auch, der Mensch hat sich die Tiere Untertan gemacht, und jetzt wird es in etwa 100 Jahren so kommen, die KI macht sich den Menschen Untertan. Da wir alle in etwa 50 Jahren nicht mehr arbeiten brauchen, nur noch gelangweilt rumhängen, kann es sogar passieren, dass die KI entscheidet, die Menschheit zu eliminieren, weil die Menschheit vielleicht nur noch unnötig und unbrauchbar ist. Na dann, Sylvester 2099 können wir ja nochmal miteinander reden.

Tricyklist says:

Most new technology has been used [by a tiny minority] as a weapon in one way or another.
Our world is a highly asymmetric war zone on which to fight for universal ownership of AI's benefits.
Until OUR playing field is levelled, AI will remain solely in the hands of the warmongers and the insanely greedy.
What value a cure for cancer or Alzheimer's if its pricing remains in the hands of psychopathic billionaires?
What value any new form of energy if its becomes just another crippling millstone for the masses?
What value AI inventions tied to billionaire, patent warlords buying start-ups to boost their Market valuation?
And, to simultaneously kill off all potential competition to suit their long term, tax free, profit margins.
Non-tax-paying, offshore-owned monopolies already rule the tech world. AI will simply empower them further.

jesse michaels says:

One after the other, with a couple of exceptions, these wishful thinking tech apologists fail to grasp the issue of super intelligence. This guy, with his fear of Alzheimer’s, simply doesn’t seem to get the point that keeps getting hammered home by people like Kurzweil, Musk, Gates, Harris, etc etc. you can’t set guidelines for super intelligence. Super intelligence, by its very nature is autonomous – that’s the “super“ part. And it will be 1000 times smarter than us. What he propses is like suggesting that ants set guidelines for humans – absurd.





Jarrod says:

I always wanted to move my brain into my torso so that I could increase the size of it… But we are quite a few years away from that sort of customization.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

TED is the most dangerous cult in the world.It's thousand times dangerous than Eckankar.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

Baut der auch Hypnotisiermaschinen wie Dr. Mabuse.

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

I use no Computer games.

hitthelimit hitthelimit says:

We shoul do nothing about unbelievably intelligent AI. That will not happen to us. By the way, what is "intelligent"?

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