What Makes A Machine Intelligent?

Artificial intelligence is constantly improving, but will it ever be sentient? Will AI ever pass human intelligence?

Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Phase of Human Evolution? –
Why You Shouldn’t Fear Artificial Intelligence –
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A computer just passed the Turing Test in a landmark trial
“‘Passing,’ however, doesn’t mean it did it with flying colors. For a computer to pass the test, it must only dupe 30 percent of the human interrogators who converse with the computer for five minutes in a text conversation. In the test, it’s up to the humans to separate the machines from their fellow sentient beings throughout their five-minute inquisition.”

The AI Revolution: How Far Away Are Our Robot Overlords?
“Advances are getting bigger and bigger and happening more and more quickly… Kurzweil suggests that the progress of the entire 20th century would have been achieved in only 20 years at the rate of advancement in the year 2000-in other words, by 2000, the rate of progress was five times faster than the average rate of progress during the 20th century.”

Facebook’s Facial Recognition Software Is Different From the FBI’s.
“They argue that when someone tags you in a photo on Facebook without your consent, Facebook is breaking the law – and a federal judge has allowed the case to proceed. Facebook is hardly the only facial recognition technology that exists, but this company in particular is being challenged because its capabilities are so powerful.”

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