What is Computer Vision?

If you are familiar with the no-code automation space, you probably know it is filled with buzzwords whose meaning it is key to understand in order to be able to successfully automate your processes.

Today, we will be talking about computer vision 💻👀.

You’ve probably heard this term being thrown around in conversations – but what is it exactly? 🤔

In this video, we will be giving you a quick and thorough of what computer vision is and show you how it works through some real-life examples of computer vision in action!

If you want to learn more about this topic check out the following resources from our blog:

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Levity is an AI software that allows you to create custom models to train for classification of image, documents and text.

Levity is completely no-code, meaning you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of machine learning or coding algorithms!

Our tool is intended for non-technical process managers who are part of small- and mid-size organizations and banish repetitive and mind-numbing tasks from their workdays entirely.

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