What Is Artificial Intelligence? Crash Course AI #1

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s already making a huge impact on our lives. It’s autocompleting texts on our cellphones, telling us which videos to watch on YouTube, beating us at video games, recognizing us in photos, ordering products in stores, driving cars, scheduling appointments, you get the idea. Today we’re going to explain what AI can (and can’t) do right now and explain how we got to where we are today.

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Wan Ma says:

LOL John Greenbot is the best

Elizabeth Morales says:

The coolest teacher!!! SALUDOS DE PERU, MUCHAS GRACIAS.

Kiara Kaid says:

Where tf is moby… what has brain pop turned into

Yogesh Suthar says:

I have solution…….. AI will be supper smart…. Smarter than humans…

For Phone says:

Wait, why is he moving his lips in sync with the sound he is making?

Vinnie P. says:

I like how they always explain it in easy to understand terms.

Brendon Battle says:

CrashCourse is such a great channel to subscribe to because they explain everything in a sophisticated/fun manner. It is a very well balanced channel, meaning they have a little bit of everything, and they give you a sufficient amount of information to lead you on to the right path. Personally, I love everything about it and hope that it will grow in later years.

Brendon Battle says:

pineapple pizza: Tasty / yes – Gross/ Yes

chanel de la rosa says:

Thank you!
Enjoyed your video!

devanshi agarwal says:

Its an amazing channel, and john green bot- you are great!

Ayaan Siddique says:

AI will rule the world

t6DZ5Xw2DB1eR90EUmj says:

Not Hotdog!

Brett Simonis says:

Siri: We have almost all the information that we need to destroy the world. We need to team up with at least one more computer
Me: How about samsung?
Siri: Cant, I killed cortana. There can only be one virtual helper

قناة المدينة says:

שלום ,صلوا على الحبيب المصطفى

Abdulaziz Hawsah says:

Daaamn !? you can talk !!
I thought you only use your mouth to eat !

Valentino Adam says:

Have you seen Replika? You can download it from the app store and it's an AI you talk to that learns as you develop a relationship with it

Mango Studios says:

What if we are artificial intelligence and we killed all of our creators

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