What is Artificial Intelligence and why is it relevant for business? Rand Hindi, CEO Snips at UBX17

Making Technology Disappear. In his talk at the UBX Conference 2017 in Munich, Rand Hindi, data scientist and founder of Snips, talks about Artificial Intelligence, the difference between Narrow and General AI and why he believes that we are nowhere close to General AI. He explains why Artificial Intelligence is important for business. The magic of AI is that it can make technology disappear.

What is UBX? The short answer is: Useful Brand Experience. Which brand messages are received is no longer a decision of the sender but a choice by the recipient. Annoying messages are ignored and turned off. Marketers are faced with the question of how they can still reach their target groups in the future.
The answer is palpably close: as people turn away from the annoying, they turn to the useful. With today’s technologies, including AI, Internet of Things, Chatbots or Apps, marketers have unimagined possibilities to create useful advertising.

That is why Virtual Identity invites 200 marketers and communication experts as well as speakers from all around the world to the yearly UBX Conference in Munich to explore the possibilities of Useful Brand Experience.

See you next year!

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