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Digital twins are a key piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Digital twins create an accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems to boost productivity, streamline operations and increase profits.

In this episode, GE Digital’s Chief Technology Officer, Colin Parris, explains how these virtual models can accelerate digital transformation.

In this episode you will learn:

— Digital twins have three technology dimensions
— Digital twins are virtual representations of physical assets
— Digital twins offer three benefits
— Digital twins rely on big data, sparse data, and physics models
— Digital twins can improve customer experience
— Culture changes required with digital transformation and digital twins

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Girish Kumar says:

A very informative talk. I am a data scientist and I see the concepts explained here have broadened my horizons! Thank you for sharing it!

Gerhard Roets says:

I really got a lot from this interview. Very good!

Luis Fernando Marques says:

This interview has opened up my mind. Thanks for sharing!

Howard Tiersky says:

Loved this conversation with Colin Parris! I can totally envision Digital Twins becoming something increasingly significant in the following years.

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