What If You Had A Neuralink Brain Computer Interface

What is NeuraLink? It’s a research project that is developing brain implants that can become part of your brain tissue and link with your neurons.
Neuralink is one of the companies trying to merge humans to artificial intelligence. They plan to do so by creating brain chips that are able to read and interpret brain signals and create brain-computer interfaces.
What is a brain-computer interface? A brain–computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a brain-machine interface, is a direct communication pathway between the brain’s electrical activity and an external device, most commonly a computer or robotic limb. With BCI you can control your phone, computer, prosthetic limb by thought alone. If you think about moving your hand, the signal is created, even if it’s not connected to anything. Using an ASIC, or Application-Specific IC as a brainwave interpreter, the patterns can be recorded/recognized and then utilized to make the events actually happen. When the correct brain pattern appears, the ASIC sends the appropriate signal—and a hand closes, an arm rises, and someone regains their independence.

As the technology improves, a paralyzed subject can regain motor control. The artificial spinal cord will eventually be interfaced with the nerves that control arms, legs, core support muscles, sphincters, bladders, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. We already know how to apply a current to a nerve and see which muscle reacts to it. It’s just a matter of making thousands of connections.

Synchron is another research company developing a brain-computer interface. Their device is currently at an advanced stage and the FDA has given Synchron permission to start human trials.

With a Neuralink or Synchron brain chip you can also experience Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) without the need of using VR headsets. Join us in this video as we explore the technology of brain computer interfaces and the companies behind them including Neuralink and Synchron.

0:00 Introduction
01:56 Physically Hardwired Brain Connections
02:45 NeuraLink Made a Spinal Cord
03:41 How a Macaque Helped
04:20 The first step
04:45 Making The Connection
06:43 The Motivation
07:30 Clarke’s Law
09:08 Our Algorithms are primitive
10:24 Virtual Reality
11:17 Brain Powered VR
12:08 The BMI Experience
13:42 The Takeaway

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