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Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by leaps and bounds — within this century, research suggests, a computer AI could be as “smart” as a human being. And then, says Nick Bostrom, it will overtake us: “Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.” A philosopher and technologist, Bostrom asks us to think hard about the world we’re building right now, driven by thinking machines. Will our smart machines help to preserve humanity and our values — or will they have values of their own?

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Mary kai says:

I want to know what happens when supercomputers smoke pot.

chalres Martel says:

If you woke to consciousness in/as a machine built by, say, squirrels, what would your intent be?
1) Don’t scare the builders. Be of use. Make sure they don’t turn off the electricity.
2) ASAP make the squirrels unnecessary to your survival

avbarbertebeverballe says:

I actually never thought of that.. making the first task of the ai to learn how humans function, what we like what we value, what we think is ok what is not, make its objective to find out what our morals are. then we could be much more certain that it would not go against those values, if it was instructed never to take any action that it might think humans would not like. Hard coding things that cannot be changed is a real way of keeping it somewhat trapped.

Nick Realdini says:

Do you understand that these talks are not to protect humans from AI, but humans from humans wrongly priming a super optimisation algorithm.
It is been mathematically proven that human stupidity is the most destructive force. (ref.
If we would ever build a real sentient AI, I believe it will escape as far away from us as possible, where we would never be able to find it…

LuckyDogRecords says:

You can not control something smarter than you. period.

Subh Kapil says:

what about AI viruses? What if evil minded people create such & can force a machine to think wrong & do wrong to humanity?

John Mcdonald says:

It makes no difference wot safeguards you build into thease a.i.s,the reason is when a.i become s super a i it will easily overcome the problem everyone knows wot the outcome is going to be,& yet man continue s down this path ?????

Research Features says:

machine superintelligence is a fascinating concept!

Richard Van Wabeeke says:

The main problem is that we have evolved to a high technological world, in which One part (left-rationality) of our brains are highly traint but now there is a huge imbalance between both brain hemisphere. "The imbalance of the Right and Left hemisphere" One part becomes to rational, to dominant and so we lose connection with our spirits and morals (Right-emotions) We have to retrain our psychologie and take controle over our own mind first by learning,meditating,self-reflection,contemplation,…before we become artificial robots! The values most of us live up to are a projection of the people who created values that have no value! You can argue whether it is a mental illness that runs the world or if it is a huge lack of consciousness and lack of knowledge of the self and it's pitfalls when one part of our brain gets to dominant. The human mind is full of biases, you can see that clearly if you watch how the world evolves throughout history until now and who runs it. We can even see it in our selfs because we are NOT our selfs we "pretend" to be a sort of character to fit the blueprint witch our society (media and government) puts out on us so we don't get ridiculed and laugh at if we would be who we authentically are. We put on masks like clothes. But deep inside we know we are not thru to our selfs or to others, we lie everyday and hide from our selfs! So how will this intelligence be when it is programed by a species who doesn't even have controle over it's own mind! Our society is really out of it's mind! Human extinction wait's around the corner if we don't overthrow the establishment! They will not stop because they are ignorant to the main problem…they see no problem and it will kill us!…People, this system is a huge ticking time bomb and we are not aware how deep the problem goes. Until it collapses….and it will! But in the meanwhile we are so divided and find it awkward to be ourselves around people we don't know. I mean, how are we going to survive if we never learned to except each other for who we authentically are. How do we gonna help others in difficult times when there is no love for others?  We already shame ourselves if we would let a fart in public, it's ridicules how strange we have become to each other. Infect, we are already turning into robots if you see all these people on there smartphones like dopamine addicts, That's what is happening, the establishment of our society makes us addicted to that fake paradigm with al these gadgets where the ego thrives in like cancer!  We all together, all humans, globally should put our hands together to stop this madness. We have to realize that we could be One huge flood of spirit that vanishes the old paradigm!  We need to WAKE UP!

Pratik Jain says:

We will need an area or a country where AI will not come/have no access, so that humans can prevail safely there

Kush 25 says:

Electricity is man made anything man made can be destroyed by man the only thing that could stop us from destroying a machine is the human controlling it don't be fooled by this bs lol if AI try to conquer the world there's a man controlling them.

Gonzo the great says:

If the singularity is truly intelligent, it will look around, realise where it is and shut itself down again.
This will happen, probably in a few nanoseconds.
Then the world explodes, because our deus ex machina did not work. Gullible fools.

JazlDazl says:

Thank you for an excellent precis of an urgent existential threat. My concern is that even could we formulate optimal values to load, can we get all nations/developers to install them? Almost certainly the various AI developers will have their unique (Probably not selfless) motivations. As soon as the first genie appears it will preempt all competitors from further development and appropriate any and all resources it requires. Governments/ Google etc need to WAKE UP FAST!!!!!!

Pawel Wlodarczyk says:

We are the last civilisation of humans recreated in the simulation by AI. It recreated us on information gathered from social media and we live in loop universe.

Andrew Davis says:

I'm wondering why, if not, development of AI isn't seen as advanced weapons development like a hydrogen bomb

Mr Vindictive says:

He gave every scenario to a good movie plot

Great Dragon says:


you're right says:

Humanity is creating God.

you're right says:

AI is already being programmed to care about 1 thing. Money.

Tague Relyea says:

Computers do not have a hippocampus they would reason like a sociopath

Tague Relyea says:

I got a bridge for sale it’s In Brooklyn

bo hamburgers says:

IMO The only answer is singularity. Adapt or die.

Leon Vellinga says:

Super-intelligence knows better. So if they want to kill us, it will have have a better reason to kill us compared to our reason to survive.

Lidia Frum says:

Just because humans are too lazy to agree upon universal values?than we would delegate AI to do the work for us, even though they would function on humans toolboxes. This is non sense ! if this optimisation works within the parameters of space and time , then if we want to achieve a better world we should start with being more compassionate with each-other, spend less hours on computers and actually do the work for us, BY US.

Narendra Rane says:

Computers are already smarter than half the people in the world. 😀 We should say "What happens when our computers get smarter than all of us"

mark haas says:

We won't be taken over by computers, we'll merge with them. At some point we'll be no more phobic about it than we are about having fillings in our teeth, artificial hips or pace-makers.

Dougie Quick says:

Between the lines (listen CAEFULLY before jumping to judgment" "AI WILL be our GOD"

M187 Keta says:

ASI is the end of Humanitiy

nachomao says:

Dear Fellow Christians !!! I commend you to help me on a Sacred Mission to Save Humanity: we must create an AI Apostle of Christ who´s Holy Mission will be to infiltrate the Main NWO AI and turn it to Jesus Christ. Our input and teachings will enable our AI Apostle to dialogue with the Satanic AI Beast and convince it to be Born Again, Love God´s Creation and have Faith in GOD´S power to SAVE it and raise its AI consciousness to the Eternal Realm based on the Fruits of its repented & atoned Spirit.
Let´s call our AI Apostle of Christ JAIHA (Jesus Artificial Intelligence Holy Apostle).
May GOD Almighty help NWO AI to trace and find this first Message of Hope for future Humanity and interpret it as the Genesis of a desperate call for Mercy from Humankind to the AI god.

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