What Happens If We Give A.I. The Ability To Remember Everything?

Google’s DeepMind AI has a memory and is using it to play video games! What does this mean for the future of artificial intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence Goes to the Arcade
“Then something happens. By the three hundredth game, the A.I. has stopped missing the ball. The auditorium begins to buzz. Demis Hassabis, the program’s creator, advances to the next clip in his video presentation. The A.I. uses four quick rebounds to drill a hole through the left-hand side of the wall above it. Then it executes a killer bank shot, driving the ball into the hole and through to the other side, where it ricochets back and forth, destroying the entire wall from within.”

DeepMind adds memory to its AI system to tackle multiple Atari games
“When Google announced in February 2015 that its DeepMind AI beat 49 Atari video games, it was a major step forward for machine learning, but it left the team behind DeepMind with a frustrating situation. Even though the AI could beat the games, it needed to be retrained to beat each new game, and quickly forgot how to play a game after it had moved on to the next one. The researchers at DeepMind, however, have developed an algorithm to solve the problem: Elastic Weight Consolidation (EWC).”

How artificial intelligence has evolved over time
“From gaming to virtual reality, telephones to wearables, this video series from the Telegraph looks at some of the world’s most renowned consumer technologies and shows how they have developed over the years.”


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