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With good humor and fantastic stories, Milo Jones take us through the history and virtues of AI, connecting it with leadership and presenting an optimistic future. Don´t miss!

Dr. Milo Jones has been a Visiting Professor at IE since 2008. In the past, he has worked for Morgan Stanley in New York, Accenture in London, and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. At IE Business School, he teaches “Geopolitics” and “Intelligence Tools for the Business Professional” in the MBA and MIAF programmes, and “Cyberintelligence” in the Masters in Cybersecurity programme. He is currently research the geopolitical impact of advances in AI and automation.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



Daily Truth says:

Milo Jones refuses to answer the question,”why were you forced out of the USMC Milo? “. He also refuses to go to the US embassy to sign for a summons to appear in court back in the USA.
Milo Jones has something to hide.

Daily Truth says:

Milo Jones Dr Salvador Carmona Moreno of IE university has been alerted to Your unethical behavior.

Daily Truth says:

Why were you forced out of the USMC Milo?

Konwalia Che says:

Milo that doesn't make much sense. Can you please stop polluting YouTube.

Ignacio Corrochano says:

Excellent talk. Dr Jones shows again a quick-witted intelligence. Congratulations!

Bernard BUISSON says:

Milo Jones is one of the smartest individuals I know. He masters an incredible range of subjects, including among many others, geopolitics and history. Each of his talks is great.

AP Ramsay says:

Excellent talk by Dr Milo Jones. The connection between AI and leadership is not immediately obvious by Dr Jones manages to discuss it with insight and extract the relevant conclusions. It is not easy as Dr Jones does in his work to integrate various disciplines, connect the dots and identify the key trends and risks. I have followed his teachings and lectures for some time now and find them invariably valuable and well thought-through. This is another great example. Thank you.

Victoria Susakova says:

Being responsible for Eastern Europe & Central Asia region within IE Business School International Development department, I invited Milo to deliver a series of talks in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This tour has become one of the most successful in my 4 years at IE; great attendance rates and very active audience participation. Milo is an outstanding speaker who delivers both great content and a very engaging presentation.

Steven Frankel says:

Milo is always insightful and has a way of making the complex understandable. His lectures are well worth the time and informative.

Wildmansart says:

Dr Jones makes understanding AI and it’s role now and into the future accessible to everyone in this excellent presentation. Bravo!

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