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We look at the negative impacts of AI – including job automation, biased decision-making, autonomous weapons, and many others. 

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Shreetam Mohanty says:

AI will fail desperately in 1-2 years from now …take my words ….we will meet again after 1-2 years

Destiny's Room says:

And now I’m watching this video after lol. Thanks for the content!

Ken Murray says:

For sure in the Sales domain, AI will automate most mundane tasks and make sales reps more effective, not necessarily replacing them or the necessary human touch.

Howard Tiersky says:

AI’s got a lot of negative impacts for sure – but if the positive impacts outweigh the negative ones, then who’s to say that AI’s a bad thing, right? I love how you included AI’s positive attributes to every negative one, it shows balance. Especially concerning the first one since a lot of people are afraid that they might lose their jobs to AI – but in fact, they’ll also be creating other novel jobs in place of the jobs AI will be taking over!

Nguyễn Ngọc Ly 🍀 says:

Don't forget that algorithm improvements could occur. Kinda like on the ai462 blog thing.

Creative Draw says:

HEY GUYS, DO watch this video😉

Creative Draw says:

HEY GUYS, DO watch this video😉

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