We're living in a simulation | Joscha Bach and Lex Fridman

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Joscha Bach is a cognitive scientist, AI researcher, and philosopher.

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Mrimagination says:

I was thinking the other day what if we're on a holodeck but there's been a mulfunction from outside and we're trapped in it.

Arzoo Singh says:

No we are not living in simulation naturally but scientist and some people have ability to push us in a simulation desgined by human in the name of evolution.

Boang Boang says:

Our reality is a simulation? Hope people can see these theories are more in the realm of religion than science

Luke H says:

The idea of living in a simulation tells you more about the current time we're living in than the true nature of reality. With the explosion of computers and communication over the last 25 years, we fantasize about these computer driven worlds within worlds. This is a trend that will expand in complete unknown ways once we learn more. As humans, we'll look back and laugh at what little we actually knew, like 17th century Dutch cartographers, 19th century astronomers, or 20th century geneticists. We still have a long way to go, so enjoy the ride. 😎

Energy Body says:

Basic take guys

M D says:

People need to have Markus Gabriel on more often.

The Phenix says:

It's just another way to explain what we always knew: That we don't know everything 😉 "Simulation" is an awful word for the beauty around us. It's simply the way we are able to experience life. Appreciate it! Don't describe it in ugly computer words.

Tom Dell'Aringa says:

The problem with this discussion is the term "simulation." People equate that term with things running by aliens or in a powerful computer. I think what Joscha talks about here is really interesting – and it helps us understand how we perceive the world – but the terminology is wrong. I don't know what the right term is, but it would be useful to separate the two ideas – this one from the more (IMO) fringe ideas of the universe in an alien/computer simulation.

Mercury6 says:

The true objective nature of reality doesn’t exist

Kevin Creegan says:

Lex has repeatedly misrepresented Don Hoffman" theory of reality. Maybe instead of doing that he should have Hoffman on as a guest. otherwise his credibility is definitely going to take a hit.

king surya says:

This is totally ridiculous

SimpleTechVidz says:

Heard a few mentions of Hoffman and thought I might, maybe erroneously, attempt to clarify:
Hoffman argues that there is a relationship between reality and our perception. Just that evolution optimized that relationship to not maintain group structure (non-homomorphic).
There is not as much drifting away from reality as there is a restructuring of the information within our perception to match our needs.

Longevity 2021 says:

Sounds related to the incremental compression conjecture

Jay Steve says:

That was the nerdiest joke, possibly ever

Jack's Smirking Revenge says:

Making this seem like a reality with no evidence, gives suicidal people a easier decision to make. Life is far more precious than these geniuses imprisoned in university classrooms, can ever imagine.

Adrian Bankhead says:

I don’t think that lex was being fair to Donald Hoffman, who argues that our perception of the world is not tied to the ‘reality’ of the world – but only to those parts of the world that provide a ‘fitness payoff’, ie, our brains construct our perception of reality to focus only on data that help us to survive and reproduce. But he goes one step further and says that our perception of reality has nothing to do with the ‘reality’ of reality. Rather, our brains construct a hallucination that carefully excludes everything that we don’t need to know, and interprets the data that we do need to know in a way that might be completely different to what it ‘really’ is, but in a way that is helpful to us.

P.A.B. says:

In no situation can I picture this guy yelling.

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