Webinar 2 – Augmented Reality – The future Of Technology (State Level)

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Gajendran Parthasarathi says:

Gajendran Parthasarathi – Assistant Professor, Karpagam College of Engineering.

Riddhi Phartyal says:

How to participate? l also want to know.

Sheena Sidana says:

How to participate?

esatyagraha says:

So here these people are promoting pokemon go to the children? And schools participating in it, do they know once this starts there would not be a need for schools and Teachers?

Vivek Kumar says:

Himani Malhptra


Great stuff. Stay Strong. Also, let's be youtube friends? xo

Roopali Mahajan says:

Well done kritigya

raman sharma says:

Well done Ashviqha, super session

Ishant Sharma vlogs says:

Sai international school student plz sub and like plss

Ishant Sharma vlogs says:

Subscribe to my channel ishant sharma gaming a

Gopika Sharma says:

It was an amazing webinar

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