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We got to experience HireVue’s AI technology that allows companies to sort and grade video job applicants.


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Dennis Shih says:

Keep this ridiculous AI face monitoring thing in China please.

Steven Warner says:

Great. A system which is automatically biased against potentially highly capable people with autism, anxiety, other disabilities, or cultural differences.

Teemul Mouhammad says:

more people will be jobless now

Mark Rodriguez says:

They’re using facial structure that correlates with IQ.

Shakil Hasnat says:

My experience was not that bad. My company tested me with hiring software named upskillable. It was human friendly, very accurate and very easy to use.

hapmang9 says:

Are these for real-person interviews or for initial screenings before a superday

Rowan Ilsley says:

Yeah this is just a big f*ck you to autism. This just goes to show how much you neurotypicals take for granted. Smh

Phillip Douglas says:

Basically people with Autism will be screwed? If this shit is for real they need to get out ahead and indicate how they mitigate discrimination of individuals with social idiosyncrasies as a result of a condition beyond their control.

Caleb Salstrom says:

This future is horrible

J J says:

Next stop….gattaca…

Alyssa Jordan says:

Chatbots in HR department helps in diffrenet ways for the recruiters.Some of the ways in which Chatbot used in HR process.They are

1.Chatbot uses AI to understand and respond to messages .

2.Has the potential to get to scale

3.The majority of candidates are receptive to interacting with a chatbot.

4.a recruitment bot can:

 collect information from candidates such as their resume and contact information and ask screening questions about candidates’ experience, knowledge, and skills.

 Rank candidates on metrics such as qualifications, engagement, or recent activity

 answer and schedule an interview with a human recruiter.

For more details,

Jeffrey Cohen says:

Wicked Sinners.

Aakash PSS says:

Very interesting. Especially when you have to beat the AI face algorithm, before an ATS can rate ur resume, before your behavioural questionnaire answers are analyzed. After that, i only have to pass the first and second interview before i get an offer. This sure makes hiring SO easy !!!!

Soo Ya says:

Future is so dark

Abc Xyz says:

I had 4 hirevue interviews this week, the experience of all interviews was vague and more like a "contest" of some sort rather than an interview. If hirevue is using an AI code, they should tell us what are the features and which data was collected to train the model on, and are they using new interviews as train data, is it clearly mentioned in their policy? And even if they made a good model, who knows how well it performs on test data(our interviews ). I just want to know this because if their algorithm is making bad predictions, it is costing us our careers.

james Dudley says:

yeah so equal employers should not be able to do this people with autism are less likely to look right at the camera

Scott Filgo says:

But where are the validation studies? Do you think high scores in one construct (like "confidence" as manifested by eye contact) is always related to success in every job out there?
Show me the data and I will jump on board! Tell me that one size (of personality and emotional expression) fits all jobs and I will show you the door (to the freshman level EEOC/ethical employee selection practices classroom).

Sam Z says:

I wonder how HireVue's Chief Tech Officer (Loren Larsen) scores with that funky mug?

Chad says:

As of November 2018 here are some of the HireVue customers according to their website: IBM Watson, Hilton, Unilever, Rackspace, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Urban Outfitters, Atlanta Public Schools, Carnival, Boston Red Sox, Under Armor, Vodafone, Ocean Spray, Shipt, Sonic Networking, Mercendes, Maxis, blackbaud, Dunkin, Cathay Pacific, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Geico, Oracle, HBO, Dow Jones, Adventist Health System, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Power Designer, Sequoisa, TMX Finance, Stance, Murphey Oil, Healthsouth, BASF, BYU, Carfax, CDW, Church & Dwight, ciber, ConocoPhillips, devon, Discovery Communications, Franklin Covey, Harland Clarke, New Belgium, Overstock, Panda Express, Penguin Random House, Qantas, Red Frog Events, Scott's Miracle Grow, TJX, Trinity Health, WakeMed. They look at your online presence as well as your video interview and assessments. Time to DELETE EVERYTHING.

Keith Smith says:

I have taken and passed one of these video interviews for a well paying job. Even after I passed this test my application was not selected. The person who reviewed the candidates was a female in humans resources and surprise, surprise, the position went to a female. A.I. knows who should be selected but HR is still biased.

fake Apple Store says:

This is an example of how not to use AI

mihir dave says:

So who wrote this software's code? God?

Jacob Flowers says:

Using AI in hiring is not in its infancy, other companies like Seedlink and Pymetrics have been doing this for over 5 years. The problem with video interviews is:
A) It makes people feel awkward (i.e. therefore how accurate is it really if it changes a person's normative disposition)
B) Video recognition is not yet advanced enough to accomplish the things they claim.

Text is a far more accurate predictor given current technology, and the corpus of available data means you don't have to deal with a speech to text recognition issues like accents or speech irregularities. I think using AI in the area of HR is great, but this company is probably overblowing what they say they can actually do.. Everyone thinks recruiting processes are in dire need of digital transformation, but knowing me… this doesn't seem like a good tool. I know I would likely score poorly because I hate being in front of a camera. I'm not a YouTuber, so looking directly into my screen with my own face staring back at me, would just be distracting and prevent me from communicating what is on my natural mind. I hope this doesn't become a trend.

Justin Kim says:

Ai is trash

Tsrif Tsal says:

Absolute bullshit, this cant become a trend.

Why do you want to know? says:

I'm sorry! You're going to always need a human. I truly don't know if you want a computer telling you if you if you have a job or not. If you're a little nervous, but you answer all the questions perfectly? You won't get the job because you're a little nervous? I've also heard that some AI software has a big problem with race. That's some skin tones won't register, while other skin tones will register. Even in 100 years, you're still going to need a human!

TimTalksTV says:

This is terrible.

Pravin Bhosale says:

rather only to speak in front of a camera, u can place a camera anonymously, just somewhere besides the interviewer, or front of an interviewee so it will be not an awkward action, or reaction to it. and later can evaluate the results

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