We should be more afraid of computers than we are – Alex Hern | Comment is Free

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As sophisticated algorithms can complete tasks we once thought impossible, computers are seeming to become a real threat to humanity.
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Whether they decide to pulp us into human meat paste, or simply make our work completely unnecessary, argues technology reporter Alex Hern, we should be afraid of computers.

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Jane says:

If they wipe each other out, the rest of planet earth can stop being afraid .

mastertheillusion says:

I'm afraid, of what I do not understand. I do not understand it, so I should fear it?
I do not fear computers, I fear stupid people and their irrational conclusions that are not based on evidence. I fear people and their delusional beliefs that cause harm. I fear that, and not the machine.

Antony C says:

Too much fear in the world… Way too much.
How about concern? "You should be concerned about computers" Mmm. Yeah.
How about we merge with them? What if humanity can keep up with the machines via cybernetics?
Their evolution becomes ours…

Mike Robinson says:

It is vitally important to be having conversations like this. If we are going to get it right then it has to be regulated and transparent,.

Stars Are Angels says:

The most impressive thing about this video are his eyes 🙂

lauren garcia says:

Stephen Hawking said we shouldn't be afraid of robots, we should be afraid of capitalism.

yohidai says:

Young people in Spain or Italy, etc. already lost jobs not by AI.
C'est la Vie.

Bearded Ste says:

It might be able to beat people at games like 'Go' but it can't move the pieces by itself and it can be turned off with a flick of a switch so no…not very scary. A grisley bear with sharp teeth and big claws camping out in your living room; that would be scary. I think if it had the intelligence to play 'Go' with me, it might make it less scary, unless it beat me that is. Then I'd be furious.

jellyberg says:

the fear that AI will kill us all is largely unfounded, unless some malicious group gets ahold of AI and programs them to do so – a risk that is already present with the existence of weapons of mass destruction. a lot of people who are afraid of it just don't know how AI works – the creators spend a lot of time programming its discrete, small number of possible actions, then give it a measurable quantitive goal, and the AI works iteratively to achieve that goal. if murdering humans isn't one of the actions, it certainly won't murder humans.

the economic/employment fears do pose a much greater threat to us. our global economic structure in its current state probably won't cope with the emergence of AI in industry. for example, swathes of low wages jobs such as drivers, fast food employees and administrators will be easily eliminated in the near future – but also, high value jobs with some element of repetition such as lawyers can be partly automated. this means that high value job numbers will shrink massively.

we need to reform our economic structures BEFORE shit hits the fan, or it will be too late.

The Rise of the Robots is a really great, well researched book by an economist if you're interested in this.

Ayden Bond says:

Seems like you should be afraid of companies.

AnnoyedDragon says:

Humanities biggest enemy is itself, human nature is frequently our downfall.

Imran Nazir says:

Your scenario reminds me of the first Tron movie where the mainframe is running the company and telling the CEO what to do.

Scary part is that the US is developing algorithms so that their drones can pick out target themselves??

With the additional development of hypersonic missiles which will allow the US to kill anyone in the US within one hour, anywhere in the world, I can see a situation where all the data we share online could be used to pre-identify potential 'problem' people and a legal argument being made to kill them before they do anything undesirable.

No trial nor jury needed, blame the software if the wrong person dies or you wipe out his/her family in the process.

Daniel1132 says:

I agree. But I think it's even potentially worse than that.

Technology now drives human behaviour and need; rather than the other way round. AI will soon be driving technology which will in turn drive human need & behaviour. Worse the big tech companies are all getting into it.

The Cloud, Big Data & biological computing will give AI all the dependencies it needs to achieve world dominance.

I will not be surprised if this happens just because it identifies a fundamental problem in the way humans go about life & death…

Cooper Hoover says:

Great points. But I'm far more afraid of the corporation making the ai, then I am of the ai.

Mobsin 1995 says:

Looking forward to the inevitable end of capitalism.

COnTV says:

You telling that for years… the robot just raised itself and opened the door by itself. No impressive. Cortana, Google now, siri… just speak pre-recorded search… no impressive. This video is full of weed.

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