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The use of sorting robots improves efficiency, accuracy and security during the sorting process and also saves 70% of manual work, dramatically reducing labor costs. This “AI and logistics” model is now sweeping across the express delivery industry.

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Soclatotle of Cosmos & Matrix says:

Look at those minions. 🙂

Kasiet Jusupbekova says:

Сделайте русские субтитры, пожалуйста. Или хотя бы оставляйте текст в описании, чтобы могли скопировать и вставить в Гугл переводчик. Think about Russian speaking people.

xsoireg says:


Maxïmum says:

still need to update them because humans still need to put on them parcels… either upgrade them or use other robots for this repetitif task.
The real question is WHY 3 years later we still don't have fully automated factories/warehouses ?? I mean, I know people work for nothing in china but like, bots are cheaper and cheaper and they work even at night and does the job faster …

鬼眼王 says:

No wonder i can have my parcel within 48hrs. Salute china.

Cyan says:

Im impressed on how they dont bump into each other

Maya Ash says:

Kinda dont want the world to be replaced by robots because it eliminates jobs.

Henki Kurniawan Bachtiar says:

China has their own country, but India belong to British, under the armpit of British Empire

Yaku Castellon says:

This is the future, I mean.. CHINA IS THE FUTURE.

just me says:

Sort of reminds me of 'Silent Running'.


How these robots are controlled?
Please tell me if you know the answer.

Brian F says:

This will amazon in a few years lol.

Voxi Vox says:

You can keep that shitty job.
I want free money like the blm folk

Jeffrey Reid says:

Great until the package is too big or heavy, didnt think thar far?

Caden Huey says:

I don’t know why, but I wanna work there.

Asnul Hisyam A.Samad says:

Malaysia poslaju should learn. E-Commerce booming since 2010, but if logistic sector still left behind, then nothing much to proud of.

FG.Investor says:

what your guys think about compagny

stuart Jedi says:

Beats humans doing it and trampling all over your parcels lol

MrKansai1 teghe says:

Just check the video "China Post" to know how it works in real life.

Y TB says:

China never cease to impress me!

Fox says:


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