WAIC 2021 – Robot Expo in China | Latest Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Developments

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You’re on PRO Robotics and in this video we talk about the WAIC 2021 Robot Expo. The latest developments in robots and artificial intelligence were presented at the Robot Expo in China. New drones, cities of the future, autonomous buses – all this and more you will learn from the high-tech news release. Be sure to watch the video till the end and write in the comments, and which novelty impressed you more than others?

0:00 In this video
0:19 China WAIC 2021
0:35 Huawei Smart City
1:37 A new version of Walker X robot from UBTECH Robotics
2:56 Baidu unveils Apollo Moon drone with 5G support
3:36 SenseTime unveils autonomous minibus with augmented reality
4:22 Qomolo unmanned truck
4:43 Banma unveiled an intelligent cockpit at the show
5:07 Drones for delivery automation
5:44 The rest of the new products at the show
6:28 Nurse robot
6:58 Scientists at Stanford University have printed elastic artificial skin on a 3D printer
7:36 Robot pizzeria
8:08 Abundant Robotics announces its closure
8:41 NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance has completed its first launch of the Autonav navigation software system
9:21 UC Berkeley engineers teach four-legged robot Mini Cheetah to autonomously jump over obstacles
9:58 Future gaming chair concept
10:33 UK Ministry of Defense invests $4.8 million in Defense Science Technology Laboratory Program
11:11 Hyundai Rotem has supplied the national army with two multipurpose ground wheeled robots for combat testing
11:53 Promobot to develop full-size walking humanoid robot by 2035
12:09 American food delivery service Grubhub agreed to cooperate with Yandex

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Dean Vukovic says:

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E Pruno says:

Next year: This is the Terminator

John De La O says:

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By: John De La O

Gobal Krishnan V says:

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ashes48 says:

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Kurt N says:

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McGuire Ross says:

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The,Awakened satan within christ says:

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