Villagers Talking With Google Assistant ! Tribal People Try Google Assistant

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Villagers Talking With Google Assistant ! Tribal People Try Google Assistant

Tribal/Villagers try different International Food & Gadgets for the first time today they are trying Google Assistant that is artificial intelligence for first time. They give pure reaction to the food/things they have never tried.Subscribe to our channel for latest videos.
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VR TECH says:

that old man is a o.g haha

Megan H says:

I have never made $6000 a day or $6000 a month even and I am in America. Also Jamaica is not in Africa, however most of the population is of African dissent. It is actually an island north of the south American continent. You can find it on a globe or a world map.

Shy Sweet says:

Jamaica is not an African country. Please do not give them false information.

TravelWell says:

Jamaica is not an African country [you racist]. LMAO.
Maybe next video is learning about the slave trade??

nau Kya Chi bal says:

and let me tell you guys that red man was speaking a pure version of hindi (khadi boli hindi) even normal indians don't speak that

Rotten baby says:

Babu singing ❤️☺️👏


I like how they think they have to be right at the phones microphone to speak to Google assistant

ᴮᴰ⁹⁷〆ѕнσвнιт࿐ says:

Totally addicted to this channel

Unbeastable says:

Little he know that the cost for living in USA is 5000 times higher than in India. You hardly can survive mediocre income.

Warda Chrouaa says:

The man in red is so intelligent, also his entire pose and way of speaking is of a man who sees himself simple but open to the world. If this man was offered all the best education in the world he would be of the top students.

The man in green is hilarious! He acts like a class mate of me, always joking around, asking the stupid and funny questions, making everybody in the class laugh, and the teacher getting hopeless that he is ever going to do something useful with his life.

MooseTash says:

Everyone knows a Mishra.

Kindy_91 says:

Jamaica is an African country. Maybe that guy needs some time alone with google assistant.

Kava Kalynn says:

We need to get these guys all a smartphone so they can use google assistant. Love them all!🧡

Kim Jong Un says:

Bro jamica is not a africa country its an island near america 😂

around the world حول العالم says:

The green man is so funny 😅

Michael M. says:

Jamaicans are going to be surprised that they live in Africa now!

Jimmy Wan says:

Oh my god. The guy with the teeth out.

Joan Mas says:

Google Assistant gives information, but it will never be able to compete with the ancestral wisdom of these wonderful people.

TK QasQas says:

Jamaica is not in Africa! LOL

Mausi Lugner says:

Jamaica is in African country … what ?

Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples says:

man the guy with the teeth is something extra.

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