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Using AutoML NLP (Natural Language Processing) to classify and predict multilabel texts with a custom model. The demo consists of 3 parts:
– Uploading dataset
– Training
– Evaluating results and prediction

Download .csv here:

Thank you!



Kreig Fields says:

Hi, Gabriel, I have been looking for a demo which shows the AutoML tools in action. Yours demo shows just what I was looking for and even supplies sample data. Perfect!

Jakaria Sahin says:

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Tianqi Hang says:

Hi Gabriel, I can not download the csv file, could you please help me with that please? Thanks

Patrick Walchshofer says:

Hey Gabriel. Could you please reupload the happines.csv file?


how can we do feature engineering in AutoMl ?

serena x. says:

uploading the happiness csv takes forever. Did anyone else run into that problem?

Ege Yag says:

Does it provide a preprocessing also? Did you test it's performance with noisy data?

Sachi Bro says:

I have problem when execute python code in my machine , can you explain

hari 0204 says:

damn gabriel !t hank you for the video !

MiraToriMoonlight says:

Thanks for your video. I wonder how you arranged all those data? Is there any automation or you label it manually? Sorry, I'm new to machine learning.

Anubhav Singhal says:

Hi, Very informative video.Can i get more .csv file like happiness.csv for preparing model.

Sonyratt Sang says:

Thank you for sharing it. I have problem that i error while import the csv file that i download from you in my google cloud automl natural language so can you help me, please?

Denis TRUFFAUT says:

Nice demo !

amit thatey says:

Awesome work, saves my many hours. Thanks a lot.

Planilhas AutoMágicas says:

Gracias, Grabriel! Keep posting videos like that! =]

Pablo Coll says:

Hola Gabriel, tengo una duda, si en lugar de subir trozos de texto subir un keyword research categorizado, ¿podría llegar a crear modelos predictivos en base a eso?

Gabriel Candia says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing it. I think you're Argentinian, am I right?

davide says:

really helpfull and well done, go ahead 🙂

Karthekeyan Mani says:

thanks, much helpful

Bryan James says:

Good overview – thank you

Richard Passett says:

Liked and subscribed. I really appreciate this, thank you!

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