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The battle for the 2020 US Presidential election has begun. The Republican nominee Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Joe Biden are fighting for a place in the White House. In this video, we will analyze the US elections using Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python. You will understand how to extract tweets, store it in a CSV file, examine the tweets’ polarity, and visualize the results. Finally, you will build a word cloud based on the tweets for Trump and Biden.

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About Simplilearn Machine Learning course:
A form of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning is revolutionizing the world of computing as well as all people’s digital interactions. Machine Learning powers such innovative automated technologies as recommendation engines, facial recognition, fraud protection and even self-driving cars.This Machine Learning course prepares engineers, data scientists and other professionals with knowledge and hands-on skills required for certification and job competency in Machine Learning.

What skills will you learn from this Machine Learning course?

By the end of this Machine Learning course, you will be able to:
1. Master the concepts of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning concepts and modeling.
2. Gain practical mastery over principles, algorithms, and applications of Machine Learning through a hands-on approach which includes working on 28 projects and one capstone project.
3. Acquire thorough knowledge of the mathematical and heuristic aspects of Machine Learning.
4. Understand the concepts and operation of support vector machines, kernel SVM, naive Bayes, decision tree classifier, random forest classifier, logistic regression, K-nearest neighbors, K-means clustering and more.
5. Be able to model a wide variety of robust Machine Learning algorithms including deep learning, clustering, and recommendation systems

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Simplilearn says:

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Muhammad Wahyu Fadli says:

hey simplilearn!
could you sent me those dataset, im interested to learn
my email is

anyways, nice video i subcribed it !

Rakshit Patel says: please share the code and data and how to fetch data @Simplilearn

Ssanidhya Barraptay says:

Amazing video. Can you please send me this source code?My email is

P S Solanki says:

Hey simpliLearn!
great video as always. Can I have the dataset & source file on my email .
Thanks 🙂

Caicke Pinheiro says:

amazing! Pls can you send me the fetching tweets code?


Excellent content, could you send me the dataset ?

Trumpet Sounds says:

Trump 2020!!!! 4 more years for sure!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Anton Tobing says:

Do you have similar method in R/R-studio? Were you using kNN, k-means, decision tree/random forest, Ensemble, or…? Looking at the election result today, is this a case of 'False Negative?' Do we need Boosting method to calibrate the weak learner?

Prabhu kumar_547 says:

I need this source file and code.
Can you please sent it to mail?

Roy says:

Biden will win for sure watch.

Anjuk Jal says:

if D.Baidan president USA is war in world not stopped.

Anirban says:

Please send the dataset to

Chirantan S says:

But Twitter is heavily skewed towards the left. The recent NY Post ban was proof enough!
Where are the weights for that?

thejana mendis says:

Trump will win.

Alison Hart-Burnett says:

Jacinto Jimenez says:

Yosh! here's my email id for 5:155:40

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