Unity3D Augmented Reality with Image Recognition

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Augmented Reality image recognition with Vuforia SDK. Placing 3D animated model on top of recognized image pattern inside of school book. www.creatifesprit.asia


Ali akbar says:

Where is link I want to download this

Dita p says:

How do you make 3d animation heart beat, please make tutorial

Karuna karan says:

I'm also waiting for tutorial

Abhimanyu Pokharel says:

Which is the app

Manoj Satalkar says:

which app is this

Uness Oum says:

Can You Please Make Tutorial I will appreciate Thanks 😀

Devashish Gupta says:

please make a tutorial

Devashish Gupta says:

please make a tutorial

Alekos H says:

Hey, why don`t you made a tutorial about how you did it?

Evan Freethy says:

Where can I get my hands on that model, its stunning.

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