UNFINISHED – The First Artificial Muse in the World of Art

The painter Roman Lipski (, the art collective YQP ( and the AI company Birds on Mars ( present the birth of an artificial muse: An AI system that inspires, provokes, and challenges a painter through the mechanisms of science and technology.

Introducing the ongoing art project UNFINISHED: The first true partnership between a painter and artificial intelligence.

At the core of the project is a neural network that was fed with Lipski’s paintings. The system analyzed all facets of his art and learned how to generate an infinite amount of unique images. The images supplied Lipski with new compositions, perspectives, and themes.

Over the course of one year, machine and painter were in a constant intellectual dialogue. The machine’s impact on the artist was inevitable. Through the course of the project, Roman Lipski’s artistic language has fully transformed and has left him perpetually exploring uncharted ways to express himself.

It has become a machine in search of diversity, inspiration, and transformation.