Understanding Impacts of AI on the Legal Profession – Computer Science for Lawyers at Harvard

Computer Science for Lawyers
Harvard Law School

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Doug Lloyd, J.D.

David J. Malan, Ph.D.


ChatGPT-Generated Summary
In this talk titled “Understanding Impacts of AI on the Legal Profession,” David Malan and Doug Lloyd from Harvard Law School discuss the fundamentals of AI and its implications for the legal profession, using ChatGPT as an example. The session covers AI techniques, such as reinforcement learning and deep learning, and explores the applications of AI in the legal industry. AI can help with drafting documents, reviewing contracts, and analyzing case law, but lawyers must still verify the work done by these tools. The talk raises questions about the ethics of AI-generated content, copyright law, and accessibility of AI tools across developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. The speakers emphasize that AI can supplement lawyers’ work and assist indigent clients while stressing the importance of transparency in using AI and staying informed about AI developments through various sources.