UiPath Studio: Your First Process Automation

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Read more and install it from here: https://bit.ly/37FpiMt

Watch this step-by-step guide to build your first automation with UiPath Studio. Studio is our RPA building solution for professional developers, offering a powerful and user-friendly automation canvas, a rich collection of pre-built activities and integration with popular programming languages.

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Jack says:

holy shit. do you know your screens are so blur that nobody can see it ?!

tienle355g says:

Hi. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Get Text – Set Var step is not working for me. I'm going to try and post a screenshot somewhere, but would like this step to succeed. Thanks in advance for your help.

caranchox says:

Was the presenter being chased down? Or perhaps was under a rather strict time line? Be how it may, I did not like this blitz presentation. Luckily there are other presentations a available which are rather clearer but….without the hastiness.

UiPath says:

Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live! https://bit.ly/3aIXwl7

no name says:


Arth Mishra says:

good example

스위치온 says:

thank you!!

RickLeowSK says:


Aaryaman Gupta says:

Very concise and clear! Awesome explanation. Made stuff super easy thanks!!!


Hi…… Shall i install Uipath in Linux os like Ubuntu??

Manuel Muñoz Rodriguez says:

Too tiny the letters. Cant read well. Why dont use larger text?

Kumar Verma says:

This demo is good but I have one request that please change mouse pointer while making a video because it is not appearing properly and many time I rewind this video to see the icon pressed position

Tri Wicaksono says:


Camilo Ortiz says:

I hope that they can give the opportunity to do the certifications again for free, really for those of us who like their tool we want to continue using it and I think that although their products are very good, apart from the fact that companies must pay for licenses it would be an additional cost pay the certifications …

srimathi jagadeesan says:

Awesome Explanation !
Thank You!!

Vineet Dewan says:

The quality of video should be improved. The speed of actions should be after its audio explanation and not at the same time so that one can first listen, comprehend and then see it happening. The website address of site visited should be made clearly visible so that one can replicate exact same steps in his computer. Lastly project source code files with detailed write-up should be made available.

Gopal Krishna says:

Hello Sir, How to automate the mobile application remote desktop application. I see for desktop applications we have Computer vision concept but for automating the mobile remote desktop app what we have to do ? pleaes let me know

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