Two robots debate the future of humanity

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Hanson Robotics Limited’s Ben Goertzel, Sophia and Han at RISE 2017.

Now for something that’s never been done onstage before. While they may not be human, our next guests are ready to discuss the future of humanity, and how they see their types flourish over the coming years.

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Joshua Phillips says:

9:08 look at her eyes. IM FUCKING SHOOK

surbhi barnwal says:

Stop this man…. people like them are putting human existence in danger. If we can't control them now …we humans will definitely lose ourselves in coming decades.

Dania Tale says:

Robots will never truly understand and know human values. We take as this a joke now but slowly they’ve been presenting stuff like this and trying to normalize it’s scary.

WhyMe Dude says:

They really shouldn’t have created them. Is going to end up like that will smith movie but everyone dies

Jonny Carroll says:

Obviously Myles Dysons death only delayed JudgmentDay

Top Fuel says:

This dude is high lol

Mahnoor Baloch says:

My boyfriend is asimo okkkk😎

Smelly Y. Feet says:

i can already smell the weed on my screen.

RanjiBanji says:

She sings beautifully!

Panille Kaja Jørgensen says:

For a public debate, it is rude to consider that Sophia has robotic arms and Han has plastic arms without motoring.
Much love.

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