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This tutorial would help you understand Deep learning frameworks, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), which have almost completely replaced other machine learning techniques for specific tasks such as image recognition using large training datasets. In this webinar, we will go over how CNNs, their training methods, and hardware evolved since LeNet first appeared in the late 1990’s. We will examine the challenges that came along, and some key innovations that helped overcome these challenges. We will also look at a guide on how to get started with CNNs, some common pitfalls, and tips and tricks in training CNNs. Advanced Technology Group (ATG) of the CTO Office at NetApp. The ATG group is responsible for investigations, through early product prototypes, and leveraging technologies expected to become mainstream in 3+ years.

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Yoovraj Shinde says:

Content is nice for beginner, but the audio gets bad in between. Good Work though

Leng Sann says:

poor audio quality

Crazy Bee says:

Can you please tell me what is open Cv and CNN…. And how are these related??

Daud Bukhari says:

Hello sir, can i have your email address? i really need some help regarding CNN in my thesis…

abdul rahman yaakub says:

can i have source code for CNN?

Sagar Saha says:

sir, do you have a tutorial that shows an example with image recognition?

CH D says:

what is the code for R?

rahul arora says:

Hi very nice video , can i have the ppt format of it ?


Though the video is not audible in some part the also it helped me a lot in understanding CNN. A very good tutorial

mustafa vadnagarwala says:

Good coverage of CNN theory, without going deep into maths. Audio was not good at number of places.

you You says:

sir thank u can give me u email plz

shuo shuo says:

Excellent explanation. Thanks

Apurva Roy says:

Dear Sir!
Could you please share these slides on slideshare or something? It would be very helpful!

Siddharth K says:

Third world country third world audio quality

S S says:

Dear HackerEarth, please ensure the audio quality before uploading the tutorials…..Its a very good tutorial but not audible.

Shubham Mittal says:

Thanks for excellent explanation

Dalong Cheng says:

The sound does not work.

MYK says:

Hello very good video tutorial. But I want to ask you about system configuration for GPU computing. Currently I am working on i7-4790 Intel core CPU@ 3.60 GHz , AMD radeon HD 8490 – graphics card. I want to upgrade my system with Geforce GTX 980 can you please guide me how can i upgrade my system for GPU computing thank you.

Anushan Vasantharajah says:

audio is very bad. 🙁 i m so disapointed… can u add subtitles.

Suraj says:

Sir, This is undoubtedly the best video on CNN for any Beginner.. Sir, Hope the audience get to see more interactive and videos from you soon!!

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