Tutorial: Keith Galli – Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python – From Zero to Hero

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Presented by:
Keith Galli

In the past year, massive developments have been made in the natural language processing field. Improvements in areas such as question answering, machine translation, and sentiment analysis have opened up doors to utilize NLP more effectively than ever before.

In this tutorial we will perform a brief overview of the field of NLP and look at the Python libraries that allow us to utilize different techniques and models. We will start with simple, traditional approaches to NLP that will provide us baseline for our models. As we progress in the tutorial we will look at some more advanced concepts that can give quick boosts to model performance. We will end by introducing state-of-the-art language models and how we can incorporate them into applications that we build.

Tutorial resources:https://github.com/keithgalli/pycon2020


Emanuel Hendriks says:

Thanks Keith, really well done!


Thank you very much Keith! you helped me to have a better day in the middle of a really tough time 🙂

chrisber says:

Off topic question, but what are your go to sources for new computer science journal publications?
Love your videos, thanks!

David Bankson says:

Man, this is exactly what I was needing, thanks! Great presentation, and I feel much better equipped for the NLP data science program I'm about to begin. I was already planning for my capstone in November to be an advanced chatbot, so who better to learn this from than KG? I'll be checking out your other videos for sure! I am wondering, how much of your job involves using what you learned in statistics class? Because right now, statistics programming is kinda blowing my mind …

Homayoon Khadivi says:

thanks Keith,, this is really a great and complete tutorial about NLP in Python, and I love the way you teach man

matuwuhou says:

Even if it was "check", does #spacy use its part of speech tagger to resolve those in word vectors?

Biranchi Narayan Nayak says:

Isn't Check and Cheque are difference in the context of BANK (Financial Institute)

Harsh Parekh says:

41:55 *cheque

Jacob Mar says:

Your videos are great! No bs, no filler, straight to the point and easy to understand.

Nathaniel Gibson says:

This was amazing man, I knew almost nothing about NLP before this tutorial. But now fell like I know exactly where I need to go to build something powerful. Thank you!

Owen Lamont says:

Thanks Keith – that was a great Python NLP primer.

Harald Lønsethagen says:

Another great video from Keith! I watched the entire thing in one sitting and learned a lot. I will for sure use many principles here in my current project.

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