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046_Divya Shukla says:

deployment fails everytime!! what to do??

Joshua Okhiria says:

Hi, you have done a great job with this playlist. However can you do a
ML deployment video where a categorical variable is treated with ONE
HOT ENCODING. Deployment of ML algorithm with ONE HOT ENCODING is harder
compared to models where all of the inputs are numerical. There are
lot's of people out there who will benefit from this including me.

Amit Sinha says:

Only one input. requirement.text file is really really needed. Without this deployment wouldn't be successful.

Amit Sinha says:

You simply rock Krish

aashish sahni says:

Great going! really informative!

Furqan Ali says:

Hi krish naik, Thanks for the great stuff man, Keep up the good vibes.

mahirul islam says:

excellent series….

Jai Sreeram says:

is it possible to upload in webserves of hosting ?

Shahnawaz khan says:

we download dataset from kaggle but that is in the form of categorical variable but ML Algorithm understand Numeric kinds of data,so what are the steps of data preprocessing please answer…

Ishika Thukral says:

There is no 'Deployment Center ' tab, there is only 'Deployments' tab

Bassem Amer says:

Hi Krish, how to install new package in Azure machine learning workspace to use in python code?

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