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How do we know what is real and what is honest in this world of super information and connectivity? Human bias, computer algorithms and social media influencers are becoming ever more part of our human existence and the ability to critically evaluate and understand how they work and what they mean transcends the purchasing of gold and silver that my channel has traditionally focused on and is in my opinion relevant to nearly every decision we make in our modern lives.

Almost everything we do in the physical modern 2020 pandemic world we now live in is connected to the online universe – I choose the word universe because it is almost too vast to comprehend how big this online space is. We get our news, socialise, learn, interact, work and many more day to day activates online and collectively we are being disconnected from the physical world more and more every day. Most importantly (to the big corporations around the world at least) our money is managed and spent mostly online and the ability to influence or manipulate our purchasing decisions is worth trillions and trillions of dollars.

When you see something on YouTube that claims something radical and outlandish, just ask yourself is that right? What are the qualifications of the person making these claims? What ulterior motives are there at play here, what this machine wants me to think?
These are critical questions and they are critical for a reason. The how’s, what’s, why’s, who’s and where’s are the most important questions to ask yourself and others when looking to make decisions and will help you dissect the truth from the false.
To conclude, this modern world of algorithms and machine learning combined with the unfathomable amounts of information we are constantly bombarded with has and will continue to influence us. It’s unavoidable. How we interact with this information can help save us time, money and collectively make the internet and this global social network we find ourselves in more beneficial for all concerned.

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Luke Francis says:

In this age of communication and information we come across a problem I've seen, a growing politicalization of honest information, that creates divisions and distrust within certain communities based on agendas rather than facts. Like you've said, it is VERY important to analyze things for yourself. Algorithms on facebook are designed to keep you on it's website longer. With that being said you are more likely to see content that would enrage you, than anything positive or meaningful. This information and media is indeed coming at a price. This wide world of openness has actually created more closed-minded individuals than unity in my opinion. To the degree that I no longer use social media, besides youtube and occasionally TSF. Thanks for the thought provoking discussion I enjoyed it with my cup of coffee today.


Interesting video and points. Must say I prefer your rambling videos though. Can't beat a good ramble 🙂


Well, the algorithms got me hooked on physical Gold and Silver, so it can work to our benefit, so where can I buy Silver at spot prices?

Firebird Bullion says:

I enjoyed it

Malic acid is sour says:

Amazing Content

Malic acid is sour says:

In your opinion which Mint makes the best Coin and what is it???

AG Smith says:

Facebook is a terrible place to get news or buy anything. I am bombarded with fake coin adverts and report them every time but get similar adverts on a daily basis with the same format but different company names. I have unsubscribed from several channels because its clear they are pumping and getting lazy and making it very obvious. They may well have started with good intentions, but it's clear the money from YouTube and sponsors have become the primary reason for the channels existence.
I'm happy to say I don't think this of your channel and I'll keep watching for as long as it stays that way. There are certain YouTubers who whilst I don't agree with their practice's they are open and honest about it, so I'm happy to watch.
Good topic and I enjoyed and agreed pretty much with all your points

Rory Ross says:

Nice change of pace, appreciate your seriousness.

The Rat Stack says:

BYB, I absolutely loved this format and topic. There are so many critical bullet points to be explored but two of the most critical in my mind, are the disconnect from reality, and the overwhelming lack of critical thinking occurring in the 21st century. It boggles the mind to see simultaneously how well informed, and uninformed people seem to be. I look forward to future videos such as this! Mahalo for your efforts! 🤙

Poulton Real says:

I don't think we should close down so called conspiracy theorists who are sceptics of COVID or support a flat earth theory as that is the benefit of the freedom of speech. Great video BYB and thanks for speaking your truth. In my view there is a great deal of laziness as most people will ask their local butcher on whether they should invest in bullion rather than read books or listen to multiple YouTube videos for example. A must read book is by Robert Kiyosaki: "Fake: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets". Keep speaking your truth!

Aloha Stacker says:

Very cool and interesting video! A topic of millennia of discussion for sure! Thanks for sharing!

ngantnier says:

Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. What's that nugget in the background that looks like it's made from shot and has a pinkish tinge?

Jaggy Thistle says:

Interesting thoughts.. Also stunning bullion as usual

Semi Numismatic Guy says:

Best advise don't take anything at face value … Social media and education have a left bias .Newspapers more right. The internet has one perpose sell you things you don't need or want. Reviews and polls only reflect the views of small percentage of people who feel strongly enough to complete them. The BBC is just pointless. This works for everything including precious metals for the last decade we have been told PMs are going to the moon and the US dollar is going to collapse imminently a quick look at the charts over that period shows a very different picture and that they have been wrong for a long time .( I am pro precious metals ) but it sickens me seeing people been duped by mine , refinery and store owners who make personsl gains by manipulating people not educated enough to make an Informed decision .

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