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This video discusses the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Education Sector and how Education Technology or EdTech can benefit from it.

Right from Ecommerce to healthcare to education, in each and every sector the, intervention of AI has increased by multi fold. Many companies are now investing in developing their own version of AI and Machine learning. So, what exactly is AI and why it is called as the next big thing?

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. It makes our digital, automated processes smarter. It also enhances the reliability quotient of any technology. So, what we used to see in the Science-Fiction movies is now a reality.

Also, each and every decision that we make is now data driven. The best example of the same is the online recommendations that we receive while surfing retail websites such as Amazon or Flipkart. It is the Machine learning technology that recommends you products based on your previous purchases.

Now, Imagine using similar technology to track performance of an individual student based on his previous grades, participation and performances. Won’t it help the student to enhance his or her performance? Therefore, AI has been taken seriously to literally fix the many loopholes in the education sector across the globe.

Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested more than $120 in personalized learning. The idea is to develop software that creates individual lesson plans for students based on their performance. The amount itself confirms that the world is taking AI seriously and so should we.

Let’s explore the possibilities and effects that such a step would have on our society and educational system.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Indian Classrooms- A Need of the Hour!

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